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30 x Testosterone Undecanoate Capsule 40mg by MSD

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If you’ve been around people undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or are familiar with substances used in clinical environments, you may have seen Andriol Testocaps for sale before. But, in case you haven’t, and this is an unfamiliar chemical for you, this product is a relatively new and innovative drug. The design itself is also somewhat unusual, even when compared to more modern, research-chem type substances that are being produced nowadays.


The item itself is a rare form of oral steroids. It is a capsulated form of an esterified testosterone. This stands in stark contrast to the usual oral forms of these types of compounds, which are almost always C17-alpha-alkylated when formed.


This means that the build of the chemical structure of the drug has been altered by the addition of a methyl chemical group at the 17th Carbon point upon the alpha position. This means it passes through the liver when it’s taken and can elicit hepatic strain.


Andriol, on the other hand, is simply an esterified form of the hormone encapsulated in an oil solution and is metabolized through the small intestines and the lymphatic system.

This leads to some significant perks and drawbacks to consider when using this form of the drug. The most obvious of the perks is the lack of liver strain caused by ingestion of the capsules and the quick and easy method by which users can supplement their diet with testosterone.


This form of Testosterone Undecanoate also has a very short half-life, lasting only a few hours. So, another perk of these capsules is that there is a shorter timespan by which the chemical will be present in the bloodstream. This can make it easier for athletes who are trying to avoid testing by governing bodies, while still reaping the benefits of hormonal supplementation.


However, one significant drawback of this oral preparation is its low bioavailability. This is a term used to describe how much of the chemical taken is actually absorbed and used by the body. In comparison, injectable solutions have a bioavailability of roughly 95%, meaning nearly all of what you administer is absorbed and utilized in the body.


But, Andriol Testocaps 40 mg capsules would have a bioavailability of roughly 7%. This lower absorption into the body means that a much higher dose of the chemical will need to be taken in order to elicit the same impact on the body as an injectable form, especially for use with the aim of physical capacity improvement. This is particularly true for more experienced users, who may need to forgo the inclusion of this chemical altogether in favor of a stronger agent.


Below, we take a more detailed look at how this agent can be used for those looking to improve the former and how it can be used to maximize its perks and minimize its drawbacks.

How Andriol Works in Bodybuilding?

Andriol Testocaps for bodybuilding is relatively rare. On one hand, this is due to the product presence on the market; on the other hand, it’s due to the low bioavailability discussed before.


However, bodybuilders would buy Andriol for various reasons in order to include it into their diet. The first reason would be that the user is a relative newcomer to the use of these chemicals. The milder nature and convenient means of taking the product make it an ideal agent for inexperienced users, who may not be able to handle stronger agents and may be put off or succumb to potential side effects.


It also may be used by certain athletes, who may travel a lot in order to attend shows or events, as it may be easier to transport and carry around during use.


The rapid digestion and onset of the rise in the active chemical levels in the bloodstream mean it can be targeted towards workouts for added results and recovery.


It also still maintains the main effects of testosterone supplementation. Namely, the acceleration of muscle and strength gains and a boost work capacity.


Below, we take a look at how to include Andriol into your program for optimal outcomes.

Use of Andriol Testocaps 40 mg Capsules in Cycle

As mentioned above, these Testocaps are best suited for beginners looking to start supplementing their training diet chemically. It may also be useful in cycles where the overall aim is the gradual accumulation of lean mass in an efficient manner, with little concurrent fat or water weight gain.

It may also be useful during periods close to competition, where the goal is to maintain as much lean mass as possible, while bringing down overall size. Some more experienced users may also look at Andriol for sale to use alongside other, more potent agents to prevent deficiency-related issues during a cycle.


In any case, the amounts ingested will usually be the same, standing between 10 to 14 capsules, or around 400 to 500 milligrams each day. But, some more veteran users may need to ingest even more in order to elicit a similar effect.

Adverse Effects of Andriol You Should Be Aware of

While Andriol is one of the milder agents available in the respect of adverse events due to its lower absorption, there are still a number of effects that should be considered.


These Andriol side effects include:


  • A drop, or cessation, of endogenous hormone production that can persist for a time even after supplementation has stopped
  • Estrogenic events, like the development of breast tissue (gynecomastia), water or fat retention
  • Androgenic effects, such as skin issues like acne or oily skin, or accelerated hair loss in those who are genetically at-risk
  • Virilizing effects on women, such as a change in facial structure and voice, and accelerated hair growth


The above should all be considered if you’re looking to buy Andriol Testocaps online in order to ensure an enjoyable and effective period of use, without incurring any unexpected or unpleasant surprises along the way.


As with any compound that you may be supplementing with, you should always seek out medical advice if you’re experiencing any unexpected or unwanted events with its use. The first port of call, if you feel any of the above events, is to first reduce the amount of the item you’re taking and, if problems persist, cease taking it completely.


In any case, you can get this product here, in order to include a quick and easy item that can be included into your diet, particularly when you’re new to the use of these types of products, or are particularly close to a competitive event.


This can be obtained from this website through an easy and convenient electronic request and payment and sent home to you.

Package 30 capsules (40 mg/capsule)
Manufacturer MSD
Substance Testosterone Undecanoate
Common name Andriol

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