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Ephedrine SOPHARMA

3 Ways to Order Ephedrine Online

If you’re wondering how to get ephedrine online, you should be aware of a few key pointers before deciding to make your purchases. First of all, the three ways to get a hold of this item are either via online pharmacies, companies you don’t know you can trust via the black market and established websites like here at

We’re the best place to buy ephedrine since all our items are top quality and the prices are very hard to find anywhere else across the internet. The reviews that people have left on products are always positive, including this item in particular. Many websites that you find online simply want to make money from you by advertising steroid products that appear legit, but in reality, they’ve probably been diluted down. In some cases, people often never even receive a package after placing orders!

You can order ephedrine online safely and legitimately from The great thing about ordering from this site is you don’t need a prescription, and all purchases are legit. This product is available all across the world, and it’s pretty easy to get a hold of it, but one thing that’s rare is the prices that we charge for this item – It’s very affordable.

How to Use Ephedrine in Bodybuilding

Now you’re aware of a safe place to get ephedrine online, you may be wondering how it can be beneficial for bodybuilders. Well, there’s a number of advantageous factors involved for bodybuilders when thinking about using this drug. One of the biggest ones is the specific stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS).

Once ephedrine is in the body, it directly impacts the CNS. This helps out with a ton of important functions with one of them being to control the core temperature of the body. As soon as this product kicks in, your metabolic rate is increased. The more activity you have going on in this area, the more effective your body is going to be at shredding up and getting rid of body fat.

Bodybuilders prepping for a competition would find that this item would be incredibly powerful at helping them lose that stubborn fat the closer they get to the show date. However, when you buy ephedrine online, there are some more things to consider that would be advantageous for you and your bodybuilding goals.

Using this product has been found to enhance the impact that other anabolic items are having on your body in a positive way. Although research on this is fairly limited, it’s safe to say users got more out of their steroids whilst combining it with ephedrine 50mg pills.

Pseudoephedrine vs. Ephedrine - What to Choose?

Pseudoephedrine is essentially a version of ephedrine with a key variant – It’s been altered slightly. It’s primarily used for medical reasons to decongest the nasal cavities (Sudafed is one of the most popular of these types of items).

So, what’s more beneficial, ephedra (ephedrine) or pseudoephedrine? Well, when it comes to being able to burn more fat, pseudoephedrine simply doesn’t impact the CNS as much as ephedrine does. So, in that respect, if burning fat’s your primary goal, then ephedrine pills for bodybuilders are going to be what you want to buy.

Although, as far as the decongestion benefits are concerned, there seems to be more evidence to support the fact that pseudoephedrine should be your number one choice. Both items work to release noradrenalin which causes muscle contractions and a constriction of blood vessels. The outcome is less fluid entering the throat and nose which tends to be the places that get congested the most.

Picking the best one all depends on the reasons as to why you would want to use these products. If the sinuses are becoming blocked due to illnesses, pseudoephedrine is the one for you. Pseudoephedrine has a larger impact on the nasal mucosa instead of the CNS. Alternatively, if you’re trying to burn fat, you should buy ephedrine.

Ephedrine Side Effects

When administering this product, there’s always going to be the risk of you experiencing some unwanted responses. They are not 100% guaranteed to happen, but you can never be completely sure until you’ve decided to order ephedrine online and try it for yourself.

If you take the necessary precautions and act responsibly whilst using this item, then you’ll be significantly lowering your chances of enduring any of the side effects of ephedrine. Beforehand, take note of how sensitive you’ve been towards items of a similar nature in the past. How did you react to them? Are you more sensitive or can your body handle these products?

The main ephedrine side effects including the following:

  • Insomnia.

  • Dry Mouth.

  • Diarrhea.

  • Sweating.

  • Kidney Stones.

  • Nausea.

  • Headaches.

  • Dizziness.

  • Faster Heartbeat.

  • Uncontrollable Shakiness.

  • Anxiety.

One of the most studied negative response out of the ones mentioned above surrounded the heartbeat becoming faster. In these studies, it was found that the rhythm of the heart was altered for some users. Therefore, if you suffer from any heart- related issues, it would be wise to avoid this product.

Whilst these side effects may not seem particularly severe in comparison to various anabolic products, they can still have a detrimental impact on your life. If you endure any of the aforementioned reactions, stop taking it immediately, and the responses will begin to fade away.

Most people who decide to buy ephedrine, will be able to carry out their doses safely and with very minimal to no negative responses. Even if you notice some of the bad responses happening, for most users, they will lessen in severity as the body adapts to the product, but this is a personal choice as some people may feel too uncomfortable with the responses.

Ephedrine in bodybuilding is regarded as being a pretty safe drug since the other items they’re using are known to produce some pretty nasty reactions as well as some astounding outcomes.

Long Term Benefits and Dosages

One of the most notable benefits to using ephedrine is the fact it helps the body burn through more fat. It has been found that combining this item with caffeine is more effective for fat loss. To get the most out of this combination, people tend to use between 100 and 200 mg of caffeine at the same time as they take their ephedrine doses.  

However, this idea of losing weight can be taken a step further. Appetite suppression is also one of the most remarkable outcomes that many different types of people could benefit from. The suppression of appetite is one of the more long term advantages because you really don’t feel like eating as much as before!

As far as the doses are concerned, ephedrine 50 mg tablets is a common dosage for weight loss, although, you may find you’re better off starting off with 25 mg and seeing how you react. These dosages would need to be taken throughout the day.

The duration of time in which you’d want to use this item to ensure it has the biggest positive impact is typically two weeks on, two weeks off. The reason for this is because once your body temperature has been increased, your metabolic rate is also increased. However, your body will eventually adapt to this and fat loss will begin to slow down. Therefore, taking small breaks in between doesn’t give your body a chance to adapt. When you buy ephedrine online, ensure regular breaks are taken otherwise it will become ineffective, and the unwanted responses are more likely to ensue.

Package 10 vials (1 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Sopharma
Substance Ephedra 50 mg/ml
Common name Bronkaid, Primatene, Ephedrine

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