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HGH Fragment 176 – 191: Fat Melting Miracle?

Amongst the human growth hormone agents available fragment 176 – 191 is truly quite remarkable in regards to its effects on the body and what it can do for you. It stands out due to it not being by any means the best choice in terms of achieving the 1200 desirable effects you would typically choose an HGH product for, but rather, it has been primed to potently focus on one area.

This area is fat loss, and 5mg fragment 176 – 191 ampules are becoming renowned amongst the bodybuilding community for the simply astounding ability they have to directly attack fat cells within the body. Frag 176 – 191 has actually been proven to be 10 times or more effective than normal human growth hormone at burning fat.

With this in mind, and combined with the very low risk of any adverse side effects taking place, it’s probably going to be a bit of a no- brainer for you to give this a try during your next cutting cycle, or even whilst bulking in order to keep body fat levels as low as possible.

Before you dive straight in and purchase HGH fragment 176 – 191 though, first read the rest of this article to ensure that it is actually going to be the right option for you.

Fragment 176 – 191: General Info

Before jumping into the pros, cons, and other aspects of this effective steroid, we first need to know what Frag 176 191 is and when it was manufactured first. It is a modified form of the growth hormone peptide which was first synthesized in the early 1990s. The main purpose behind this development was to create a fragment of the growth hormone that can help in burning fat without suppressing the growth. 

Being that normal human growth hormone products are already associated with being great fat loss tools, it was frustrating to an extent that this particular aspect of their functionality had to come alongside other elements that the user perhaps had no interest in or need for.

For instance, those needing to lose body fat don’t necessarily need to grow or develop any other area of their body, and considering some of the fat loss substances available through medical circles can be mild, to say the least, and those found in bodybuilding circles can be down-right risky – there was certainly a need for a safer product, and a more effective one.

This is where frag 176 – 191 came along. Scientists were actually able to isolate the fat loss properties of HGH by truncating the peptide at the C terminal region. The result was not only a much safer fat burning product than the bodybuilding community is typically used to, but also a far more effective one than the medical community had perhaps ever seen before.

Of course, it doesn’t come without any associated side effects, but they are much lower than those associated with other HGH products, as you’ll soon find out.

Buy HGH Fragment 176 – 191 Peptide

Where to buy legit frag 176-191 or HGH Frag 176-191 is the most challenging task involved in using this growth stimulator. The reason is that steroid usage for non-medical purposes is banned globally because of multiple reasons. Though some physical retailers also provide bodybuilding supplements and steroids, they charge extremely high prices and their products are often contaminated or of poor quality. 

You can buy HGH fragment 176 – 191 online from many Internet retailers with relative ease due to its widespread circulation amongst the medical community. With this said, buying fragment 176 – 191 isn’t something you should undertake lightly; not due to any risks associated with the substance itself, but rather the risks associated with online suppliers.

One of the many problems you’re going to face through buying online is that you don’t have a physical vendor to purchase from, this can be problematic in terms of questions (you might need more information before you can safely use your item) and what to do if you don’t receive the product you’re looking for. It’s actually the latter that’s currently the biggest issue with online steroids sites.

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to produce counterfeit versions of many of the most popular anabolic substances and cycle therapies available.

There are many sites doing this, and you might think you’ve landed yourself a bargain when in actual fact you’ve purchased something that isn’t going to work whatsoever and will actually cause you potentially irreversible health damage in the process.

Only ever stick with to guarantee your safety at all times. There’s literally no point in buying HGH fragment 176 – 191 from anywhere else being that steroidsfax was created with a view to ensuring customer safety, satisfaction and ultimately product effectiveness at all times.


The careful Frag 176 191 dosage can bring unlimited benefits to users including muscle growth, fat loss, improved recovery, and enhanced metabolism. You can explore  the Frag 176 191 benefits here; 

  • Its major benefit is its ability to burn excessive body fat at a higher rate than other steroids. It aids in targeting and breaking fat stores which ultimately results in promoting a lean physique. 

  • Another benefit of careful Frag 176 191 dosing is increased muscle growth. It promotes protein synthesis and mineral retention which automatically promotes muscle bulking. 

  • Improved recovery and enhanced endurance are also the major benefits of this effective steroid. Therefore, it helps users to practice more often and intensely.  

  • It is considered an ideal steroid for bodybuilders and athletes because of its anti-aging properties. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. 

Side Effects

Though they are typically mild and low risk, you do need to consider the potential side effects before you buy 5mg of fragment 176 – 191 human growth hormone – there is a possibility that one or several of them may manifest.

You could possibly face the following negative effects when using fragment 176 – 191:

  • Redness and itchiness at the injection site

  • Lethargy

  • Excessive sleepiness

  • Potential headaches

It’s unlikely, but should any of these side effects come to fruition in an extreme manner than you immediately need to seek the help of a qualified medical professional without delay in regards to how best to proceed.


Before you buy HGH fragment 176 – 191 online you need to quickly brush up on your required dosage and ensure that you never surpass it whilst on cycle.

Typically, a user will take 500mcg per day by splitting the dose into two separate 250 mcg injections. It is best taken on an empty stomach where only protein is present without the addition of any fat and carbohydrates.

You can buy 5mg ampules for $35 at Just bear in mind that this is going to come in two halves; one being a sterile solution and the other being the peptide powder. You will need to combine the two for your required dosage.

HGH fragment 176 – 191 vs. Ipamorelin – Choose Attentively

Whilst it is probably quite apparent to you by now that fragment 176 – 191 peptide is a potent fat stripper, you need to be aware that it’s virtually useless for many of the other traits associated with human growth hormone agents.

Though it does have some potent joint/bone repair properties as with other HGH products, it’s not going to deliver the anabolic properties that a product like ipamorelin is capable of.

You need to ensure that under no circumstances do you buy HGH fragment 176 – 191 online under the false assumption that it’s going to help you in this area. Any lean muscle mass development that takes place whilst using it is going to come primarily from your diet and the fact that it improves muscular visibility by reducing body fat levels.

The HGH fragment 176 – 191 5mg cost is very reasonable, however, considering its effect on your body’s fat cells when compared to other products, and if you’re planning to cut, this might well be one of the best products you can buy to assist your goals.

Best Place for Buying HGH Fragment 176 – 191 Online

Hands down, the best place to buy fragment 176 – 191 with a credit card is if your personal safety is a priority (which it should be) whilst using human growth hormone.

Buying fragment 176 – 191 online couldn’t be easier and should you choose steroidsfax as your main supplier you can rest assured that your safety and satisfaction are going to be at the forefront of their priorities every time you make an order.

You can order HGH fragment 176 – 191 5mg easily by typing in “fragment 176” into the search bar after which you’ll find the relevant product.

Just ensure that you research the reconstitution process in regards to safe injection before you make a purchase though, as you’ll need to be adept at performing this procedure in order to effectively take it.

Package 1 vial (5 mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance HGH Frag 176-191
Common name HGH Frag 176-191, HGH Fragment 176-191

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