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HCG HUCOG 5000 IU - Chorionic Gonadotropin is mainly manufactured by some famous steroid-making companies. But the most popular and proven one is that which is manufactured in India by a company named Bharat Serums and Vaccines limited. This steroid contains Chorionic Gonadotropin as the basic component. 

This is actually the hormone that is released in females by syncytiotrophoblastic cells that are present in the placenta. Its function is to stimulate the release of progesterone hormone by corpus lutetium, which further maintains pregnancy. It is available to buy online at Steroidsfax and is present in injectable form. Each vial can be bought for 55 dollars and contains 5000 IU or in simple words 125 micrograms of the actual substance.


Its benefits are given below.

  • Sometimes females failed to produce enough Chorionic Gonadotropin by themselves. This might result in a lack of progesterone hormone. So in order to make sure that pregnancy must remain maintained, the females are prescribed to use this steroid.

  • It is widely used across the globe to gain weight and big muscles. Many experts and previous users claimed it to be the best steroid. With each injection, dietary improvements may also increase.

  • As it is not normally released by men and females who are not pregnant. So if this hormone is present in normal conditions, it means that a tumor cell is releasing it. And it can help in the detection of cancer or tumors.


Its cycle is very long. Many experts suggest that the cycle length may increase from a few weeks to some months. Users should take 1000 units per week at the start and then can increase it up to 4000 units per week. You must keep one thing in mind that the quantity per week should not take at one time.

Package 1 Vial 5000UI (Ready To Use)
Manufacturer Bharat Serums And Vaccines Limited
Substance Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) (injectable)
Common name HCG / Gonado / Prenyl

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