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If you've been around highly competitive sports people, or around groups of highly experienced aesthetic athletes, you may have heard one of them talk of Genotropin Human Growth Hormone.


This is because this chemical is often employed by highly experienced aesthetic or competitive athletes, with the aim of further aiding recovery, boosting progress, faster breakdown of adipose tissue, and, less commonly but perhaps more importantly, for preventing injury.


The Genotropin by Pfizer preparation seen above is a common selection for the above purposes, and has been a widely implemented method for fighting ageing and raising quality of life in elderly or frail populations.


However, despite it's many uses in both clinical and recreational or sporting settings, this item can be difficult to access by general, younger, people. This is especially true for those who can't get a medical prescription for such a product. This is due to it's prohibited use in sporting and recreational environments.


So, for many who are looking to use it for a non-medical purpose, their most convenient option is to simply buy Genotropin Online.


This way, they can gain access to the item without a prescription and for an affordable price, and begin implementing it in their regimen.


However, before you request this product, you should first be aware of how it acts in the body once taken, and what events it can elicit, both desirable and undesirable.


What Is The Genotropin Pen And How Do You Use It?

The Genotropin pen is a precise and easy-to-use administration device that allows the injection of pre-made capsules of the HGH chemical.


It allows for a faster and more portable means of taking the HGH Genotropin 12mg, which otherwise would need to be mixed, drawn into a syringe, and taken manually.


The administration can usually take place through either subcutaneous or intramuscular routes. Common sites for these injections would include the lateral deltoid in the side shoulder, or the gluteal muscles in the buttocks for intramuscular areas. Meanwhile, the abdomen or thigh usually serve as common sites for subcutaneous administrations.


It should be noted that the subcutaneous routes offer a slightly higher degree of absorption and usability of the active chemical than intramuscular routes.


As for what the Genotropin 12mg pen does within the body, the active chemical exerts its impact on the body by combining with GH receptors at the cellular level to elicit a molecular signalling cascade both in and around the cell.


It also encourages the rise in IGF-1 levels, which itself causes a range of events to occur in the body.


These events should be understood when looking at buying Genotropin pen for the above-mentioned uses, and are discussed below.


Dosage For Fat Loss And Bodybuilding

As already mentioned, the Genotropin for sale is often sought by a range of athletic people for added lipolytic effects and quicker recovery from exercise. However, it has been contended whether this agent will help accelerate mass accretion.


Indeed, it does seem to help lean mass accrual, but this seems to come from the development of connective tissue, which could further aid recovery and prevent injury.


Nevertheless, the Genotropin dosage needed to elicit the above perks must be discussed and reviewed.


The most commonly reported amount of this product for athletic populations stands at between 2 and 4 International Units, or IUs, daily. This would usually equate to approximately a milligram per day for a 3IU dose.


As such, a pen of Genotropin 12mg would hold around 36 International Units, which should last roughly 12 days at the above average amount taken.


The most commonly reported length of a continuous period of use would be between 6 to 24 weeks. It must also be noted that higher amounts than that described above have been reported amongst some users.


But higher amounts will also boost the chances of some unwanted concurrent events happening, which are discussed in further depth below.


Side Effects of Genotropin by Pfizer

While there seem to be clear perks to the use of this product, there are also potential  Genotropin side effects that should be carefully considered before its acquisition.


Understanding these can help you manage or minimize them, and allow you a more enjoyable and efficient use of the product.


Potential side effects of Genotropin by Pfizer could involve:


  • Joint aches and pains, as well as headaches
  • Inflammation and immune suppression
  • Water holding and potential development of gynecomastia
  • Mood issues such as depression and restlessness
  • Nausea
  • A raise in glucose levels and insulin resistance, which could increase the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism, due to its suppressive impact on some thyroid hormones
  • In excessive cases, bone enlargement
  • Localized issues at the site of injection, such as irritation and the local reduction of adipose tissue is also present, and should be managed by frequently changing and varying the site of administration


The above side effects of Genotropin 12mg pen should all be noted, along with its perks, to ensure you can make an informed decision and know what to expect with the use of this product.


Below, we'll look at how you can acquire this, and other similar items that you might be interested in including into your program to help reach your objectives.


How To Buy Genotropin 12 mg Pen at SteroidsFax

Now that the use of this agent, and its potential impact have been reviewed, we can look at how you can buy Genotropin pen for its inclusion into your regimen.


As stated, online vendors such as this one are likely your most convenient and cost-friendly option, as may be seen from the pricing list of items provided here.


From this site you can acquire this, and a range of similar chemicals, for your programme. You can also buy Genotropin by Pfizer and have it brought to whatever area you desire, where it should arrive in only a few weeks, depending on where you are, allowing rapid inclusion into your regimen for further progress towards your aims.

Package 1 genotropin pen (36 iu (12 mg)/pen)
Manufacturer Pfizer
Substance Genotropin, Somatropin
Common name HGH Genotropin Pen

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