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MR-PHARMA Trenbolone 100mg/ml

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Trenbolone Acetate 100: Is It For You?

When the word trenbolone gets mentioned, you know you’re not in the playground anymore. This one’s for the elite; the serious bodybuilders out there who are only willing to settle for the best in regards to which anabolic substances to take for the greatest results possible.

Tren acetate is by no means the best steroid available, in fact, no steroid could truly be described as being the best, but in terms of anabolic properties, it could potentially be said that it is certainly the most powerful due to its anabolic rating of 500 when compared to the 100 of pure testosterone.

Just to put this in perspective, that means that it is potentially 5 times more powerful than the benchmark used to grade every anabolic substance on the planet. For obvious reasons, this means it certainly isn’t to be sniffed at.

Tren Acetate 100: Short Guide

Trenbolone acetate 100 vials are so versatile that they can effectively be used to achieve almost any positive benefit in regards to muscular performance and size gain - some have actually cited this as being the “king” of steroids.

Before we get carried away with the hype, though, let’s have a closer look at the potential benefits on offer. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increased strength levels
  • Improved blood flow and circulation (leading to enhanced nutrient uptake)
  • Improved muscular recovery
  • Improved joint efficiency
  • An enhanced sense of wellness
  • Dramatically improved testosterone production

With the above positive benefits on offer, it’s almost impossible to deny that trenbolone is an anabolic compound you simply don’t want to miss out on.

It does come with a downside, however, in that it is rapidly absorbed therefore it must be injected with a greater regularity than other steroid types - you should start with 50-100 mg every other day, obviously sticking with the lower dosage should you be inexperienced.

Results: Before and After

Tren acetate results vary and whether or not you’re going to find them acceptable greatly depends on your outlook before taking it. Contrary to what the statistics above would seem to dictate, using 100 mg of trenbolone acetate as part of a bulk probably isn’t going to be the most effective way to integrate it into your anabolic arsenal.

See, whilst it has a highly potent anabolic rating, it doesn’t deliver drastic increases in weight and muscular volume as some of the other substances available do - instead it can deliver more sustainable, harder muscular gain that you’ll keep for longer, though you will need to be patient and show some dedication.

Trenbolone results are typically at their best when this product is used as part of a cutting phase due to its ability to protect and even develop lean muscle tissue whilst keeping strength levels and nutrient uptake at a high (a necessity when on an extremely low-calorie intake.)

This is one of the most popular options for bodybuilders on a cut all over the world.

Why Does Trenbolone Acetate Shrink Testicles?

This is a completely valid question and anybody who is serious about taking tren acetate needs to be aware that this could happen if they don’t use the appropriate post cycle treatment to combat this issue.

One of the problems with being able to deliver such an enormous surge in testosterone as trenbolone acetate 100 mg vials can is that once you come off the substance, your natural testosterone levels are usually at an all time low (because your body has been relying on an artificial source for so long.) At this time, you need to take effective post cycle therapy to kick start your natural production again. Otherwise, you do indeed risk shrinking your testicles due to your testosterone levels being so low.

Provided you use trenbolone responsibly as mentioned above, you are unlikely to face this issue.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg/ml
Common name Trenbolone Acetate, Finajet, Finaplix

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