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MR-PHARMA Testosterone 500mg/ml

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Test 500 - A Potent Dose of an Amazing Anabolic Agent

Testosterone has been hailed as the “king” of anabolism ever since the dawn of weight lifting and physique progression via external compounds - it’s known as the daddy of muscle building and for good reason.

See, the test has a perfect rating of 100 in terms of its efficiency when utilized in the system for the creation of muscle and bodily repair amongst other elements, as such - everything else you’ve ever seen has been compared to this standard in regards to its effectiveness. It’s the ultimate measuring rod.

The folks over at MR pharma have cooked up a 500 mg dosage of the active testosterone compound for experienced users - this is going to assist in terms of completely averting the need to split doses, amongst other elements.

Check out the benefits this product has to offer below.

Buy Testosterone 500 mg/ml Vials

Let’s get serious and take your health into consideration for a moment before you choose to buy testosterone - you’re not going to find amazing quality anabolics everywhere you look on the Internet, and you’d be insane if you chose to buy from a site that didn’t have an incredible reputation.

The testosterone 500 mg vials you’re looking at here today have been produced by MR pharma - this company creates anabolic substances to optimize human performance and therefore, they ensure their manufacturing process undergoes incredibly stringent, regular testing in order to ensure that the product you receive is going to be wholly beneficial for you without any (or a low) risk of adverse side effects taking place.

This is going to be the only truly safe way to ensure that you get the best test on the market - don’t waste your time looking anywhere else.

How to Take Testosterone 500 mg

Testosterone 500 doses vary completely depending on your individual experience level, and you’re going to have to take the following guidelines on board and then adhere to them stringently if you want to have a pleasant experience whilst cycling with a test.

When you first start (either using testosterone for the first time or using anabolic compounds for the first time in general) you’ll need to stick within the 250-500 mg range per week (ideally split into two separate doses.) As such, buying testosterone online might be a little on the unnecessary side for you right now if you’ve no use for a 500 mg dose.

On balance, intermediate users will typically use 500-700 mg, with advanced users taking up to 1000 and in some cases, doses of 1,500 mg (or even more.) It’s not recommended that you ever surpass a 1000 mg limit under any circumstances, though it has to be said that both intermediate and advanced users are going to benefit from these 500 mg “portion” sizes in either case.

How to Purchase Testosterone Online for Cheap

In order to purchase testosterone 500 mg, you’ll first need to head to then click on the search bar at the top of the page. From here, type “testosterone” into the box - you’ll now see a wide variety of testosterone products available to purchase.

When you order testosterone from us, you can be completely assured that you’re getting a high-quality product that’s not going to put your health or results at risk.

We always offer the genuine article.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone 500 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone

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