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Valkyrie Anadrol 50: Everything You Need To Know

Anadrol is one of the most popular mass gaining compounds in existence; some even deem it to be the best out there in terms of its capability to slam on anywhere between 20-30 lbs. within a 4-6 week window.

There aren’t many other anabolic steroids on the market that can boast similar character traits - this is why any bodybuilder (or general gym goer) wanting to put on as much size as possible within a short time frame turns to Anadrol as their go-to weapon of choice for size and strength gains.

Originally developed in the 1960’s to assist those with muscle wasting diseases and anaemia, the potency of Oxymetholone (the scientific name for anadrol) has made it one of the world’s leading muscle building compounds, and we’re here to tell you where you can not only get the best quality anadrol, but how to sensibly integrate it into your supplement regime too.

A Legit Website to Buy Anadrol 50 Tablets Online?

As with any steroid you purchase it’s absolutely vital that you secure your anadrol from a viable source offering you the best quality product at the best price.
There are many “cowboy” sites in existence that don’t have either your safety or total satisfaction in mind, luckily your search for the highest grade oxymetholone needs to go no further than

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How Does it Work?

Oxymetholone 50mg pills are taken orally and can easily be incorporated into any bulking phase either as a “kick start” agent, or mid cycle to help boost / maintain muscular and strength gains.
One of the primary reasons that anadrol is so well loved is because its potency has been measured as much as three times more powerful than testosterone. Testosterone plays a vital part in the production of muscle mass and the strength output of the human body.

If you consider this amazing growth and strength gain potential when compared to standard testosterone, it’s incredibly easy to understand how effective anadrol actually is.

This is hands-down one of the most potent anabolic compounds available on the market, some believe it might even be the ultimate mass builder, and it’s hard to argue with that claim.

If you want a good place to buy anadrol 50 online, you simply need to head over to for all-your steroid and cycle related needs. They have everything at a fair price, and you’ll always be wholly satisfied.

Anadrol Use in Bodybuilding

Any good bodybuilder knows that the principles of growth require proper stimulus of the muscles as well as proportionate strength gains to be able to trigger that growth in the first place. This is where anadrol comes in to save the day.

Before you buy anadrol, you need to first understand the practical applications of the product and how you’re going to integrate it into your daily structure.

As stated, this is a highly potent mass-gaining agent, but it is not for those who are striving to maintain a year round lean appearance.

Oxymetholone really is going to send your strength levels through the roof whilst giving you the potential to gain as much as 12kg in less than two months, but you’re going to have to accept that you’ll hold some water and potentially a little excess fat in the process. This is an effective steroid, to say the least, but it couldn’t exactly be described as “clean.”

Anyone used to the cutting and bulking cycle will be no stranger to this concept being that they know by now that gaining a little excess water and fat whilst bulking is a necessary evil, but if you’re planning on using anadrol (or any other mass gaining agent) for the first time then it’s vital that you take it during the right training phase and accept the potentially negative impact it can have on your appearance if you’re used to being a “lean-bean” most of the time.

With these minor but generally accepted negative traits aside, any seasoned (or first time user who isn’t particularly bothered about a little water weight potential) user knows that there’s almost nothing else out there that’s going to provide as much bang for the buck as anadrol.

If you’re asking yourself the question “how much does a bag of anadrol pills cost” then you can expect to pay around $87 for a high-quality product over at

Main Benefits

We’ve touched a little on the use of oxymetholone within a bodybuilding specific structure already, but it’s important that you’re aware of the entire spectrum of benefits on offer before you go ahead and purchase anadrol tablets.
To begin with, anadrol is superseded in potency only by perhaps superdrol in terms of its capabilities. For the money, this makes it one of the best valued and highly effective products available on the market currently.

You’ll be pleased to know that one of the huge positives to the influx of water weight you’re likely to receive whilst cycling with anadrol is that your joints are going to be well lubricated as a result.

Typically, when bulking, many other oral and injectable steroids can lead to serious wear and tear on the joints that potentially lead to the likes of arthritis later down the line.

This has become a real problem for bodybuilders at any level, more so potentially for those who cycle in a more irresponsible fashion than others.

As such, it’s good to know that you shouldn’t experience any negative / detrimental effects to the primary joints involved in compound movements as you progress in weight with the “big lifts” over the course of your cycle.

Though we’ve mentioned your strength gains will shoot through the roof when using anadrol, we haven’t really touched on exactly how much of a boost you’ll receive.

In short, it’s going to be potentially enormous - if you combine this huge surge with the joint protection mentioned above, this actually makes anadrol a great choice for competitive power-lifters and strongmen too as opposed to those who are purely looking for size gains.

When looking for anadrol 50 for sale, don’t waste your money going to sites you can’t trust when a quick visit to will take care of your every need from safety to discrete delivery.

Anadrol VS Dbol and Other Products

It’s all well and good us saying that anadrol is potentially your best choice out there for rapid strength and size gains, but considering dianabol and other compounds are so immensely popular as well, how do you know that oxymetholone 50mg tablets are really the right choice for you?
Basically, it all depends on your experience and expectations - this is going to determine which compound best suits your needs.

Let’s first compare dianabol to anadrol and consider the main reasons why you’d want to choose anadrol considering dianabol is perhaps better known and more widely circulated.

Anadrol is stronger, it can lead to enhanced strength and size gains over dbol and overall it’s going to be a better choice for those with a little more experience, or those who are willing to take on down sides with open arms including a little more water retention and fat storage potential than other products.

Dbol, on the other hand isn’t quite as potent as anadrol, but this does, in turn mean that it’s much milder in terms of its effect on your internal systems and processes whilst still delivering respectable size and strength gains.

You’re also not going to be faced with water retention and fat storage at a comparable level to anadrol and it’s an overall cheaper product. If you’re a first timer, dbol is probably a more suitable option for you.

When compared to other popular compounds out there, should you accept the associated detriments that come with anadrol usage - you’re unlikely to find anything that’s going to deliver sheer mass and strength surges that anadrol can.

Other options might give you a leaner appearance (growth hormone / testosterone for instance) but they’re not only likely to be more expensive, the results will also be marginal in comparison.

Prices for anadrol 50mg tablets vary but you can buy anadrol pills hassle free for a great value at if you want to ensure you get the best product without being ripped off.

The Worst Negative Effects of Anadrol

Before you buy anadrol online, you need to first make yourself aware of the potential side effects involved with taking anadrol steroid tablets and ensure that you have everything in place to safeguard against any of them taking place.

  • Excessive liver damage
  • Gynecomastia
  • Incredibly painful gym pumps
  • Excessive (far more than expected) water retention
  • Excessive (far more than expected) fat storage

Users have reported side effects including but not limited to:

It’s impossible to know whether or not you’ll suffer from any of these extreme side effects yourself as everybody is completely different. However, it’s important to understand that your side effect risk is going to be very high if you don’t supplement with the appropriate on and post cycle therapy.

As with many other orals, anadrol is highly toxic to the liver. You should always coincide its use with Nolvadex or any other protective liver agent if you want to ensure that your health stays on top both during and after a cycle.

Oxymetholone 50mg pills are not to be taken lightly, and should you see any of the above side effects take place to excess, it’s important that you both immediately cease use and consult with a medical professional for further advice.

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Package 100 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol

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