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Pharmaceutical Grade Valkyrie Arimidex

Arimidex is one of the most vital components of a successful and safe steroid cycle when it comes to reducing the risk of adverse medical conditions and inhibiting excess oestrogen release.
On the bodybuilding scene, it is regarded as being perhaps the most powerful anti estrogenic agent available and has helped countless top (and journeyman) level bodybuilders successfully take their bodies through a hard-hitting cycle without any adverse side effects.

If you’re considering a bulking cycle that integrates some of the stronger anabolic compounds like testosterone and dianabol, then you need to take a seriously close look at arimidex and incorporate it into your cycle therapy arsenal.

Cycle treatment should never be an optional element when taking steroids, and if you ignore the importance of intra- and after-care whilst “on”, you’ll potentially suffer some severely uncomfortable side effects.

Purchase Arimidex Online for Bodybuilding

Anastrozole for bodybuilding has become immensely popular over recent years, as more and more people are not only educating themselves on, but also taking the necessary precautions when it comes to effective steroid cycling.
People are beginning to understand that these supplementary elements to their cycles are not only vital, but they also ensure that you secure your gains after an incredibly hard few months of training.

Why put the effort in only to risk losing it all due to neglecting to take the proper precautions whilst cycling after all?

You need to ensure that you can wholly trust any product you buy, and you’ll find the highest grade anastrozole 1mg for sale at - it’s easy to buy arimidex online but it’s not easy to buy a product that you know is going to be completely effective for you.

This is why you should only shop with the best.

How Does Anastrozole Work?

Arimidex in bodybuilding has become a go to “on cycle” treatment for very good reason - it serves as an aromatase inhibitor which actively lowers the oestrogen count in the body as a result.
Lowering your body’s oestrogen count whilst taking some of the “harder” compounds is absolutely vital due to the risk of developing conditions like gynecomastia and even inhibiting your potential gain results.

In regards to the average price for arimidex 1mg tablets, you can expect to pay around $70 for 100 tablets and the best place to buy anastrozole is, hands down,

This site contains the best arimidex pills for sale online, and ordering is hassle free and easy.

The Role of Arimidex in the 1st Cycle

When you purchase arimidex online it’s incredibly important that you’ve done some research and you know how to implement it into your steroid cycle.
Safety always needs to come first, and it’s important that you only take dosages in accordance with tried and tested guidelines. Typically, users take between 0.5 to 1mg every other day to ensure that oestrogen levels are regulated.

This intake varies massively from individual to individual, however - you need to look out for any potential warning signs that your oestrogen level may be too high including but not limited to itchy nipples, dryness of the skin and lips, and irregular drops in mood.

Should any of these signs reveal themselves when following a typical 0.5-1 mg dosing guideline, you may need to increase your intake.

Arimidex for bodybuilding purposes can be incredibly beneficial and provided you’ve done your research and follow guidelines strictly - it is safe for most people to use with little risk of adverse side effects. You’ll find the best arimidex for sale at

How Does Arimidex Stack with Other PCT Products?

As with many other compounds (whether they’re anabolic steroids or androgenic inhibitors like arimidex), arimidex can stack with other products in order to enhance the potency of the particular effect you’re looking to create within the body (or the effect you’re looking to reduce.)
You need to secure the best arimidex 1mg price available on the market as you’re likely going to want to combine it with other items as mentioned above.

You should budget for not only the inclusion of arimidex, but also nolvadex or clomid as these items work together synergistically by helping to reduce the level of oestrogen in the system whilst simultaneously protecting and detoxifying the liver.

It’s always sensible to ensure you protect your body from every angle possible whilst on cycle (and afterwards), and considering you can buy anastrozole for cheap, you’ve got no excuse not to short change your health.

Usage for Male and Female: Differences

When buying arimidex online it’s incredibly important that you first ensure it’s going to be compatible with your gender specific needs. There’s typically a huge difference between the needs of a male taking arimidex and a female.

Arimidex was initially developed as an oestrogen-reducing compound to help with the treatment of breast cancer and other illnesses, due to oestrogen playing a part in the production and development of tumours.

As such, females would typically take arimidex as a post therapy (or inter therapy) treatment as opposed to using it for bodybuilding purposes.

There are some rare exceptions in regards to females using arimidex for bodybuilding - this can actually lead to controlled hormone balance and the sustained growth of muscles therefore top-level female athletes do actually incorporate it into their arsenal on occasion.

It has to be said however that this is far less common than male usage of the compound.

Males almost solely use arimidex purely as a means of controlling their oestrogen levels in regards to preventing the development of uncomfortable conditions rather than as a method used to maintain a positive state of health after or during an illness - this is almost always for anabolic / androgenic steroid related reasons though there are a few exceptions in regards to men who may suffer from hormonal imbalance in which case they would need a product like arimidex.

On the whole, a male simply wouldn’t take arimidex unless the were cycling steroids, and a female typically wouldn’t take it unless they were recovering from or in the middle of processing a disease made worse by high levels of oestrogen (aside from the example stated above.)

You’ll need to ensure you get the real deal when looking for arimidex for sale by securing yours from a trusted online retailer like steroidsfax.

Side Effects of Arimidex - After 5 Years

As with any pharmaceutical grade compound, there is a risk of adverse side effects with arimidex. This starts with the potential legal side effects if you’re caught in possession of the product without a prescription in the form of fines or even jail time should you be incredibly reckless with it (i.e. store it in huge quantities to sell.)

  • Tender joints
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Random headaches
  • Bouts of feeling too hot

In regards to the question “is it legal to buy anastrozole 1mg pills” the answer is yes if you have a prescription, but no if you do not.  

As a result, stick with a trusted online retailer where you can buy in total confidence and confidentiality at all times. will always deliver a discrete and convenient shipping service to its customers.

It should also be noted that selling arimidex is illegal. Possession of arimidex however is not illegal at this time. This means that once the compound is in your possession, you are legally entitled to keep it.

In regards to physiological side effects, some of the warning signs to look out for include:

There are other long term side effects reported, including hair loss over the course of several years using arimidex, as well as a degradation of your skin condition, brittle nails and irregular mood swings to name but a few.

None of the potential side effects are “high risk” or life threatening, but they will certainly affect your comfort and self-confidence should they manifest.

You should always keep a close eye on these signs developing and consult a physician should you notice them come to fruition on a regular basis. Never purely take online advice in regards to correcting any conditions you may be faced with, it’s always sensible to consult a medical professional to ensure that you’re integrating the highest level of support possible to overcome your physical obstacle.

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A Good Website to Buy Arimidex for Cheap

So where can you buy arimidex for bodybuilding whilst ensuring the product you receive is both safe and represents the highest quality available on the market?
You’ll be pleased to know that you can simply order arimidex online and if your mission is to buy anastrozole 1mg tabs for cheap, you really won’t find anywhere better value than steroidsfax.

With the above points in mind, there’s almost nothing better out there for controlling your oestrogen levels and ensuring your cycle goes as smoothly and stress free as possible.

This means you can focus purely on the gains, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for right?

Package 100 tablets (1 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Anastrozole
Common name Arimidex

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