The transformation steroids have brought in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training is simply unmatchable. Once there was a time when bodybuilders were shy about using steroids for bodybuilding. However, they started earning a good reputation among bodybuilders and athletes. Now almost every professional bodybuilder and fitness lover relies on steroids to gain big muscles and reduce fat at a quicker pace.

Steroids speed up the recovery process and increase hormone levels in the body that promote quick muscle growth. Numerous steroids have been introduced for bodybuilders over the past few decades. However, some of them have gained unmatchable popularity. Primobolan is also included in the list of these popular steroids. If you are looking for some steroid that helps you burn fat at a quicker pace and add lean muscles then Primobolan is made for you.

Primobolan is one of the leading cutting supplements with almost no side effects. However, it never means that you buy Primobolan and start taking uncontrolled doses of this supplement. You need to find out everything about it before planning to start the first cycle of this supplement. Don’t worry! We will guide you about it. From history to benefits, and side effects to dosage, we will guide you about everything that you must know about Primobolan.


This steroid has a deep history. It was initially synthesized in the laboratory and then at an industrial scale as a medicine. Methenolone Enanthate is the active component present in this supplement. It was 1962 when Methenolone was first introduced in the market as a medicine. It was released in the USA with the name Nibal Depot and was used to treat cancer, AIDS, etc.

However, it discontinues in the United States after a few years only. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was marketed in Europe. This time it came under the brand Primobolan Depot. Its popularity started rising among bodybuilders when they found it super suitable to increase muscle endurance and reduce body fat percentage. They started using Primobolan for bodybuilding and the rest is history.

Manufacturers of Primobolan

Numerous steroid manufacturers are present in the market. However, not all of them are reliable and manufacture legit steroids. You need to buy only those steroids that are manufactured by well-reputed manufacturers. Primobolan is manufactured by some giants of the steroid manufacturing industry. Valkyrie Pharma and Dragon Pharma are the two main manufacturers of this steroid.

Both these pharmaceutical companies are of International standards. They have been producing numerous supplements over the past many years. Every product manufactured by them is first tested in high-tech labs before it is released into the market. So, you can rely on Primobolan to lose fat as it is a properly tested steroid with minimum to almost zero side effects.

Is Primobolan Oral or Injectable?

Knowing the intake method of your selected steroid is very important. If you are afraid of needles, then you cannot opt for a steroid that is present in injectable form. Most first-time users prefer to buy oral steroids as it is way easier to take them as compared to injections.

Primobolan is present in injectable form only. You may find its oral version at some random online stores. However, these stores are not trusted. Well reputed stores have only injectable forms of this steroid.

If you don’t know how to inject steroids, then you must ask professionals for help. You can also visit a nearby dispensary to get yourself injected.

However, taking assistance from senior bodybuilders in the gym is the best way. Injectable steroids are superior to oral ones in many aspects. The main superiority is due to their ability to bypass the liver. Injectable steroids don’t put a strain on the liver. Similarly, they are quick functioning as well.

Uses of Primobolan

Primobolan has very wide uses. Just like my regular steroid, this one was also started as a medicinal steroid. From 1962 to the 1970s and early 1980s, Primobolan has served as a major drug to treat numerous disorders in both males and females. Its primary use was to treat cancer and other similar disorders. Breast cancer is the most common disorder treated by Primobolan. It was also used to increase the immunity of the patients as well.

When Primobolan was introduced in Europe in the early 1970s, bodybuilders started developing interest in it. Bodybuilders started using it to get support in their bodybuilding journey. They start using it once they realize it is super effective for fat loss and developing lean muscles. It has now become a well-known name in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training. Many professional athletes also use it as it helps them in increasing their performance.

Mechanism of Action

Primobolan is introduced into the body via intramuscular injections. It belongs to a class of androgenic esters and is an anabolic androgenic steroid. Once it is injected into the body, it starts working immediately. No specific movement of the steroid is required as it is directly injected into the muscles where it is required. After injection, this steroid starts binding with the adrenergic receptors present in the body. It starts releasing testosterone in the body by inhibiting other hormones.

It promotes testosterone hormone production which leads you to get a good amount of lean muscles. The protein synthesis sequence is also changed to produce more and more proteins. These proteins play a role in muscle recovery. It also improves the metabolic rate of the body. High metabolism leads to fat burning. The half-life of Primobolan is around 10 days. So it can remain functional in your body for a considerable time and help you get desired results.

Benefits of Taking Primobolan

Knowing the benefits of anything is the best way to keep yourself motivated about it. During the steroid cycle, you don’t have to take supplements only. You need to follow a tough diet and workout routine to complete the cycle with desired results. Therefore, you must go through the  Primobolan benefits before starting the cycle. Doing so keeps you motivated throughout the cycle and you keep on pushing yourself as you know your desired results are waiting for you.

Medical Benefits

Primobolan has a wide range of medical benefits. It is used as a drug to treat deadly disorders in both males and females. Different stages of breast cancer in women are treated by using this steroid. The best thing Primobolan can do is to enhance the body’s immunity. Your baby’s natural armor gets stronger by using Primobolan which keeps you away from several disorders and infections. This ability of Primobolan enables it to treat several deadly disorders such as AIDS.

Fat Burning

Primobolan has developed its reputation as a major cutting steroid. It can boost the metabolic rates of the baby to burn fat at a quicker pace. You need to follow your diet strictly to get amazing results. Otherwise, high metabolism will start consuming only the diet you eat instead of stored fat. So, you may not get desired results without proper workout and die along with this potent supplement.

High Metabolism

High metabolism is the key to burning fat at a quicker pace. Primobolan paces up the metabolic activities in the body. As a result of this high metabolic activity, your body’s other systems also work properly. You stayed away from minor infections and disorders as well.

Muscle Growth

Considering Primobolan as a cutting steroid, you cannot underestimate the ability of this potent steroid to add lean muscles to your body. It can add a considerable amount of muscles when taken with proper diet and workout. This ability of Primobolan makes it a double-edged weapon. Bodybuilders lose a lot of extra fat along with gaining pure muscles after completing its first cycle.

Prevent Muscle Loss

Many bodybuilders have to face muscle loss during the cutting phase. However, when you are taking Primobolan, you don’t have to face this problem. It won't let your cardio workout or high metabolic rate affect your hard-gained muscles. So that you don’t have to go through the bulking phase immediately after cutting.

Improved Protein Synthesis

When Primobolan enters your body, it makes certain changes to the sequence of mRNA. This changed sequence allows your ribosomes and DNA to synthesize proteins at a quicker pace. Your body’s protein level roses. These extra proteins help in the growth of muscles. Moreover, you also remain active throughout the cycle due to this high count of proteins in your body.

Quick Recovery

You must have read before that you don’t make muscles in the gym but in the bedroom. In the gym, you only break muscle fibers by going beyond your limits. These broken muscle fibers recover when you take a good sleep. Recovery makes them bigger and stronger than before and your muscles start growing bigger.

Primobolan speeds up the recovery of these broken muscle fibers. Due to this activity, you don’t have to face sore muscles for a long time. It also keeps you energetic and ready for the next day’s workouts.

Prevents Injuries

Primobolan promotes collagen synthesis in your body. This collagen is a flexible protein that is present in your muscles and ligaments between joints. It allows your muscles and joints to bear more strain due to its flexibility. When you start taking Primobolan, you can stay away from injuries during workouts. Added flexibility in your muscles and joints due to collagen prevents you from injuries even when you try to push yourself beyond limits.

Muscle Definition

When fat molecules are present in the form of a layer under your skin, your muscles don’t become prominent. You may look muscular but the lining of these muscles is not visible due to the extra percentage of fat. Primobolan helps in getting rid of that extra fat and makes your body well-defined. All your muscles are out on a display by Primobolan. You can have visible abs and other muscles after its first cycle. In short, this supplement can make your body stage ready before competitions.

Side Effects of Primobolan

You should never remain focused on the brighter side of a picture only. Along with benefits, there are some side effects of all steroids as well. Let’s have a look at the major side effects that you may have to face after using Primobolan.

  • You may observe the common side effects that are related to almost every supplement . Yes we are talking about oily skin and acne. But these are just signs of masculinization. They are not alarming as they immediately reverse after the completion of the cycle.

  • If you keep on abusing this steroid, it can lead to cardiovascular problems. High doses of Primobolan result in a rise in the cholesterol level of your body. So, when you take uncontrolled doses, you can have cardiac issues.

  • Men can observe the growth of breasts when taking this steroid. However, the risk of this problem is very low. It only happens when you keep on abusing this potent steroid even after the completion of the cycle’s regular duration. If you don’t stop abusing this supplement, you can end up getting male boobs.

  • Uncontrolled intake of this steroid can surpass the natural production of testosterone in your body. As a result, your body fails to produce testosterone leading to hormonal imbalance. If you do stop misusing this supplement, you can face infertility as well. However, the chances of this problem are low and the side effect is reversed when you stop abusing the supplement.


All of the above-mentioned side effects are due to the misuse or uncontrolled dosages of Primobolan. Therefore, you must know the perfect cycle for this steroid so that you can enjoy benefits without getting any side effects. The cycle’s duration is 8-12 weeks depending upon your experience. You need to focus a lot on per weekly dosage.

It must never exceed 300-400 mg for the first few weeks. Later you can opt for a gradual increase in the per week dosage. The dosage for women should be kept very low. As a woman, you can only take 50 to 100 mg of Primobolan per week. Make sure to follow the cycle to avoid all the side effects.

Where to Buy Primobolan?

The biggest problem that many bodybuilders have to face is buying legit steroids. You can get the aforementioned benefits only when you are able to get the original version of this supplement. You need to find a well-reputed and trusted online store to buy Primobolan. Don’t worry, we will help you in this regard as well. You can find Primobolan for sale at SteroidsFax. It is one of the most trusted and well-reputed online stores in the world of steroids.

You can visit the official site of SteroidsFAX to buy Primobolan. It is available here in the form of vials. The concentration of active components per ml solution of the vial may differ for different vials. Primobolan cost is around $140 for a 10ml vial with each ml containing 200mg of active component.  You can also get some amazing discounts when buying this supplement from SteroidsFax. Your parcel is delivered in discreet packaging to avoid any legal action.


Is Primobolan a cutting or bulking steroid?

Basically, Primobolan is a cutting steroid. You can take it to reduce your body’s fat percentage at a quicker rate. It is widely used as a cutting steroid by many bodybuilders and athletes as it can improve their performance as well.

Can Primobolan add muscles to my body?

Yes! It can. However, the bulking will be intermediate. You only get a limited amount of lean muscles when on Primobolan. Its key use is for cutting.

Why should I use Primobolan for the cutting phase?

Primobolan is a popular steroid for the cutting phase. It not only helps you in losing fat but gaining some muscles as well. The key reason you must opt for it is that Primobolan prevents muscle loss during the cutting phase.

Is it safe to take Primobolan?

Yes! It is totally safe to take Primobolan during the cutting phase. It can lead to side effects only when you try to abuse it. It is safe for you as long as you stick with the suggested cycle.

Where to buy Primobolan online?

Buying steroids online is not that easy. There are a lot of chances of scams. Therefore, you must buy Primobolan from SteroidsFax to avoid any scams and get a legit version of it. Furthermore, you can also avail amazing discount offers by buying it from SteroidsFac. Discreet packaging and quick delivery are also some plus points of buying Primobolan or other supplements from SteroidsFax.

Final Words

As promised, we have told you everything about Primobolan. You are now all set to start your first Primobolan cycle. Visit SteroidsFax and order this supplement for you. Never abuse Primobolan as it is key to avoid any side effects.