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Do you know that about 70 percent of people are willing to change their body shape as they don’t kike it, or feel uncomfortable with it? 20 percent of these feel really disgusted about their body shape. There might be several reasons for this behavior. It might be due to extra pounds of weight many people are having.

 Or some of them idealize some celebrity with perfect body shape and want to get the same body shape. Most of them want to build muscles and get a perfect body. You can change your body shape through your hard work. However, everyone cannot do so. To build muscles, dedication and discipline is required. You work hard on the gum and on your diet to get muscles.

However, some of you continuously complain that you are not gaining muscles despite all your efforts and dedication. You will never want to waste all your efforts and time without getting desired results. To solve this issue you have to know the reasons that are leading you to this situation.

Following are the reasons for you not getting muscle mass despite working in the gym regularly.


The first reason for not getting muscle mass despite all your hard work is your impatience. You are looking for really quick results and are willing to go beyond your limits to achieve results as soon as possible. However, this is not a good attitude. You cannot get big muscles with this attitude.

When you work out with a mindset of getting bigger muscles, your brain starts communicating with your muscles. This communication improves with every passing day, and they become more significant. However, when you look in the mirror after 2 to 3 weeks of workout and start thinking about why you are not getting muscles, it will hurt this communication. You may also lose your concentration. Therefore keep patience and belief in yourself.

Lose the Track

Getting bigger muscles requires a scheduled and dedicated workout routine. Not only workouts, but you also have to schedule your whole routine to get muscles. You set a track for this purpose and have to follow this track to get desired results.

When you lose this track, you fail to achieve your goals. You will not know what to do next to improve the gain. Similarly, you will also be unaware of what you must do before or after the workout to improve your productivity. You will also miss your meals and rest hours after losing track. The continuity will no longer be your partner, and your efforts to gain muscles will be useless.

High Cardio

To gain big muscles in a short time, you start exercising without knowing what they are doing to your body. Cardio exercises are well known for adding some muscle mass to your body, keeping you healthy, and adding strength. However, doing too much cardio is not suitable for your muscle gaining journey. 

Your priority must be weight lifting and other muscle-building activities. If you feel your muscles are recovering quickly and you can do cardio, then do this. Otherwise, it will start reducing your muscles instead of adding them. Moreover, your muscles will not get enough time for recovery, and you will end up getting some injury. 


If you are a stressed person, then it’s hard to gain muscles. Stress leaves tremendous impacts on your mental and physical health. As a result, your whole body functioning gets disturbed and makes it hard for you to gain muscles. Sometimes stress and overthinking lead your body and muscles to stop growing, and your efforts will be in vain. 

The best way is to release this stress via workouts and keep your mind fresh. Otherwise, you will lose your concentration and cannot do well. Moreover, you will not be able to keep yourself motivated and ponder abandoning your bodybuilding journey.

No Use of Steroids

Though the essential purpose of almost every steroid is to cure some diseases, they are famous for their services to bodybuilders and athletes. If you are not getting the desired results despite working hard, then it means that you are not taking steroids. Taking steroids through the proper cycle is normal and has no adverse effects on your body. 

Using steroids will help you gain bigger and stronger muscles in less time. Moreover, if you are new, it will be hard for you to work out regularly without steroids. Steroids will give you the strength and agility to perform workouts. Therefore you must take the appropriate steroids when working on your body to get muscles. Make sure you are buying them from original stores.

Improper Diet

When you plan to add some extra muscles to your body, you have to change your whole diet plan. To build muscles, you have to take a high-calorie diet as you are going to burn a lot in the gym. According to a rough estimate, during your muscle-building journey, you have to take 2 or 3 extra meals per day. Your diet is doubled or even more than ordinary people’s.

However, if you are not paying heed to your diet and do not set a schedule to take extra meals every day, you can never add muscles just by hitting the gym every day. Instead, it will cause you to lose your current muscle mass as well. This is because during workouts, you burn a lot of calories, and not taking them via diet will lose your muscles.

Lack of Rest

Sometimes you fail to manage your time accordingly and are not getting enough hours for rest. This will lead to the slow or no recovery of your broken muscle fibers. As a result, your body fails to gain muscles despite continuous workouts.

Final Verdict

Now you are aware of the reasons causing no increase in muscles. You have to find their solutions and try your best to not repeat these reasons. Use some steroids to avoid the waste of all your efforts and handwork. Best of luck for your muscle gaining journey.