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Excellent website. Payment was easy with bitcoins and speedy process. Shipped out order quickly and provided tracking number. Arrived within their promised time frame. Will be back.
Bons produits et site Web facile. Merci pour la livraison rapide. J'aime la facilité avec laquelle je peux payer avec Bitcoin et Zelle. Mais Bitcoin donne un bon rabais, donc j'aime mieux ça.
Mon fournisseur préféré. Merci pour les excellents produits. Je vais utiliser et revoir sur Meso.
Preparing another summer while cutting. Happy with the last run. I will look forward to the next purchase in September and bulk up. See you friends.
J'aurais aimé acheter chez vous avant. Mon dernier fournisseur a gaspillé mon argent. Vous avez gagné un client fidèle. Merci pour le service rapide et l'excellent test!
Gains are showing and weight has went up. I love Para Pharma anavar. The lady loved the cialis on valentines day too lol :b
Everything has been a homerun. Three years of ordering various products. Never an issue.
Very nice shop! Fast shipping to Norway, no problem.
What I ordered workes good! (Anavar)
And support.. wow, realy good support! Thnx!

Hot price with promo USE CODE : 0QFS1 To have - 30 % !!!
Products Working so far so good!
Good value for money
I’m very happy to now be using products that are clear and doesn't have any other unnecessary crap in it. It seems to be a very good site to shop to.
Used Testo250 and Anavar to gain weigth, to add some hard muscles on. Worked like a charm
Great stuff & great boost. No crash
Great supplements for bodybuilders!! I have been using these things since April. Highly recommend.
Back to gym. Back to Steroidsfax shop! Love ya!
Beastie Body in a few months! How? Good nutrition, Work out with NO excuses and STEROIDFAX!!!
Huge fan!!
A friend of mine recommended me the MR Pharma products! Delivery on time, nice prices, effectiveness.
Your HGH is the Best! Amazing product that I keep coming back to buy..
I have read the comments that are written here. I Think i found a treasure. I'm new customer, haven't tried enough yet. But everything went well with what I've tested ;)
Super servicio. os adoro.
Guys your products are strong. I take Winstrol Tabs everyday twice a day before and after workout. I am female, Weight and height appropriate.
I’ve ordered 3 times and will continue!

I have no plans of buying anything other than Steroidsfax for years to come...or until it gets discontinued.
These products are real deal! Depend your goal, you can use them and get lean results or big muscle mass. I ran it for months. Good stuff!
Recommended by a friend.. I'd buy again, and recommend to a friend as well.
I was buying from another lab that fucked everything up the last year since then I stick with you. Legit gears and trustable source!!
Boys! Don't look anywhere else, Valkyrie is the sh*t out there ! you wanna get big ? you need a trustable source to deal with ? just go with these guys, i almost tested every single products out there, the juice is real, the gains are real, the BEAST IS ON !!
During the pandemic the shipping was extremely slow but i can understand it wasn't that much their fault. In any case you were from the few out there that was still working.
I am extremely happy with all the service & products I've received
Great products
Though we had a difficult period i was still recieving my orders. Tnks
Works Great
A happy customer for 2 yrs now. Good products, timely shipping and excellent customer service. Looking forward to my next purchase.
I have ordered twice, and received my orders promptly. Great customer service. I never felted out of the loop. My first order was ParaPharma anavar and test cypionate. I am noticing great results. I will have to let you know about my second order at a later time Great product, and great site. Will definitely buy from them again.
I ordered twice and I received the correct items within two weeks. The products are real and this is a good source that you can trust for your supply needs. I approve this supplier with "two biceps up"!
Workout hard!
from MAXimum
Keep It UP, you Gear is the best on the market, customer for life !!
They answer usually fast to questions. stuff is legit.
I use this all the time for when I’m recovering from my workout or to help bulk. By far the best sters I’ve taken.
My order got lost but they sent it to me again without asking anything extra.. that is what i call professionalism
I put on some SERIOUS WEIGHTS running their goods (25lbs) !! Went from 220lbs to a solid 255lbs with their testo Enanthate coupled with some Boldenone, the GEAR is real, the gains speak for themselves!!!
One day i had a dream, it was to looks like a fucking MONSTER !!! These guys helped me achieved my goals over the past years, and im now what we call a GYM FREAK ! don't waste your time looking at other places, this is here where things happen ...
At first I was worried buying from a new place but after reading some of the reviews figured it was worth the risk trying these gears despite the price or anything else!
Only downside is that they run out of stock quite often..
Best gears on the market with 99% absorption.
I have no choice than leaving a nice review to tell how satisfied i am with them. I ve been a customer for years now and i can guaranteed that giving them your hard earned money is worth every single penny. They do real business, the products works fantastics and i can tell that all my friend are now guetting their gear from them. They ve always replied any of my questions timely and kindly through their support whereas in some places they dont give a shit about you!
Glory to steroidsfax!
Just received my 4th order in a very timely manner. Customer support has been professional and gear is quality. Keep it up SF!
1st order I was nervous have not purchased from this site or on line. Ive been using local made juice. When I got my order from Steroidsfax. Started using, and the results were the best Ive ever had, and fast. Been on and off cycles for 15 years. I just received my 2nd order. Purchased about a years worth. Took 12 days after I wired money. Excited to try a different mix this time.
a cycle on Susta , Deca Para Pharma has truly worked magicically for me. I was working out very intensely and I did see the results!
I knew I was converting fat into muscle. I was definitely getting stronger and more toned. This product has moved me off the plateau. I started losing rapidly. Just go for it. I already
placed a new order ...
Love this company, fast shipping and legit products on my 4th order definitely recommend.
Products and services are TOP NOTCH, they ve been my favorite place to shop roids for the past 2 years!!
I am on bulk cycle, putting on alot of lbs with their Valkyrie Mix A and Dbol, No PIP experienced so far. Order process was smooth and delivery was Fast, these people are rock solid !!
Super is awesome! On my 3rd order and their products are top of the line. Customer for life....
Keep it up guys!
Ordered from here for the first time. Support is really helpful and answering all questions regarding my concerns. Will update review on trustpilot when
First time trying this company and I liked their products!! I didn't have any jitters using TBOL, I was sweating a lot, especially during exercise,
and I found I didn't have any reactions after I was empty. Bad reactions is always one of my concerns with supps, but this was a good investment!
Once I figured out the bitcoin transaction my gear was delivered in 6 days. Very happy with my initial purchase.
I use Mix C for my contest prep and I love it!
Got to ask a question to their support, it took foerever to get an answer...
Clenbuterol gives you alot of energy. It gives me a lot of palpitations and shaking tho. The gears are better than some others i have tried. Overall its okay..
Prices could be far rest is working good!
I am in Central Texas area in the US, I received my package with no flaws and in a timely matter and am finally very excited to have a dependable source.
First order came in and it was dammaged. I contacted the Customers Support and they sent me the product that was broken within no time. Not all companys does that. Im really suprised. They are G2G...
Ordered Anavar, I am going to get it tested to see if it is 100% anavar.
I am writing the review to TEST if the other reviews are legit reviews.
anyway i am giving 5 starts for the quick shipmentst. will get back if the testing fails
Well ladies and gentlemen, I finally got my package today after having to go to the post office to pick it up. The package would had been here 5 to 6 days ago but instead was sent on a world tour in my country by the post service. Anyway, I am glad to have it and I must say that the customer service here is and does an outstanding performance in helping to address any issues that might arise . I will continue to do business with this site due to the fact the way they handled the issues, and the way the package was mailed. Thank you Steroid Fax!!!
Well ladies and gentlemen, I placed my first order with this company on April 22, 2018. However, once I sent my money I had to wait until the 1st of May due to the amount a person can accept thru Western Union and I under stood this well. The money was withdrawn and my order mailed the next day. However, as of today date May 12th my order has been placed as undelivered on 17.track the company they use to track orders. I see the package was sent to my state but then ended up at another state and it all came to an end . I have sent in my support tickets and waiting for a reply. I will keep you all posted as to customer support and service and how they handle this issue and correct it. I will give it a 3 star for now and raise it once I see what the outcome is.



Once a pack is sent out, the parcel is under the responsability of the Courrier service. Also note that sometimes the UPDATE on the Tracking Website are misleading on the real status of the parcel.

Best Regards
i have used Winstrol with with a couple of Testo cyp. I had great results. I was pumped all day. I haven't had no PIP. Defintely looking forward to try more!
This was my first order it came in a timely matter, absolutely amazed of the quality of the product very pleased with the response I had with customer service throughout the whole process thank you again
Gtg stuff. Timely shipping, easy payment, and discreet packaging. Look no further you'll be a loyal customer for sure.
Not so easy to find a good source nowadays. Im glad that i found this shop. High quality is all that matters to me
The thing that makes me happy with this shop is that if something is missing or come broken they will refund you or send you again the product! You have my respect!
Awesome products and extremely fast delivery. Delivered to my house in 9 days. Very pleased with every aspect. Will definitely be the only place I purchase from, from now on. Thanks guys
These guys are awsome!!! Three orders and I have zero complaints.
im happy so far with most of your products and the discreet packaging...
Products are very good. Bitcoin payment is defintely a plus.
My order took 2 weeks to come. Im a a big fan. Good prices, fast response to questions
good products, good shipping time and very nice packaging. is a little pricey but it is definitevly worth it imo.
Propably the best Testo i have ever used. Smooth and most of all effective!
Thank you guys for awesome service and quality gear. Y'all have a lifelong customer here. Fast efficiency quality.
Much respect
I have almost tried everything that propose this shop. i live in North America so discreet packaging is very important! Thank you
Really good product, fast shipping WHEN you can actually get a payment to them; which is the reason for my bad review. My last three orders have all been significantly delayed because the people Steroidsfax uses to collect Western Union payments often max-out on being able to collect anymore money. So you have to go back to WU and change the receiver, which is sometimes impossible. So then you have cancel the money transfer and make a whole new one (which costs DOUBLE the Western Union fees). Trying to get a payment to these people is FUCKING ANNOYING! Otherwise this would be a 5-star review.



Sir, our apologies for the issue, unfortunately , it's a common issue in our type of business , we Deal alot of transactions every day and our collectors are guetting blocked because they are reaching the yearly limit fixed by WU. WU does limit people (when it comes to receive funds) after a certain amont ...

We are kind victim of our own success in this matter . We advise you to look into Bitcoins Payment that is a Fast / Easy / Secure and Anonymous way to pay anything on internet without going thru the hassle that is WU !

Get in touch with our support, we will credit your account some Store Credits for the inconveniance.

Finally!!! A place that has real HGH and doesn’t take forever to get. Got that HGH surge and waited only 12 days. I’ll be back.
Just place another order here for HGH and Test 500. What a relief to know legit gear is on its way and fast. Thanks guys
Delivery sometimes takes a bit too long. I tried in the past a lot of source and you areby far my fav.
Ordered dianabol and it came in the mail then I did test kit check to see if it was real and it's legit and it came in less than 2 weeks Couldn't ask for more. Thanks Steroid fax. I'll be buying more from y'all
Less then 15 days for receipt of my order. Just received it yesterday. So happy to now have legitimate place to go for supplements. Will be ordering more soon. Thank you so much. Really appreciate what you do.
Very satisfied with almost everything! im a person that always looks for quality Gear and till now im very happy with
you guys. keep it up the good work
Great site to order from.great customer service also.answered all my questions in a timely manner.very good and legit gear
Thank you all for the Quality Gear ! The information that y'all provide with each specific Gear that you offer is so helpful !! Shipping is Great ! 7-9 days on my first two orders ! Out STANDING, GEAR AND DELIVERY !! THANKS !!!!!!!!

Very Good. Thank you !!!!
The best thing i ever did was start getting my gear from steroidsfax. Best quality and service in the industry. Shipping is very fast.
Customer for life.
I want to thank steroidsfax for such an amazing service product quality and wow super super fast shipping these guys are amazing and I would never ever will try to buy my products from another company steroidsfax is now my store and will be till the end thanks a lot!!!

When I use your products even after long breaks I get immediate results! perfect in any aspect...
This stuff looks great I am looking forward to my first order to arrive? Thanks for your very easy to order and see the products well...

Clean testosterone enanthate, no test flu involved thank you soooo much.
Nice they added Bitcoins, its cool to pay with Bitcoins
please help me i need to gain weight on Tren Ace.i dont know what salt of test should i use n how will i gain 30 lbs of lean mass on tren ace

I took 6kg of muscles with Dianabol 20 MR PHARMA cocktailed with some Test Phenylprop (MR pharm still)! This the magic cocktails!
Excellent Selection. Very Well Organized. Top Notch Quality! Top Notch Gear!
Anavar is my favorite product so far! Also they got some real Good quality HGH! Good results at fair price! ;)
Have not ordered yet but the gear looks like the best Ive ever seen and look foward to seeing if it makes it through Australian customs so I might try a test run just a small order
Beast for real the best in the world!Got my order today all good you guys are the best .Thanks steroid faxs
Beast without a doubt the best in the world .Thanks u guys at Valkyrie.Got my dbol
Good Quality, discreet packaging...
Everything was Good. i will order again
Best Gear Best Service TOP A+++
This is not some random review from a fake person, this company is real and definitely willing to help on everything you need, I had a bad reaction to one item I was taking and they talked with me worked through it with me and gave me a refund, forever customer.
Using MR Tri-Trenbolone with susta 500 . God damn i went +30 lbs in only 5 weeks, strenght has dramatically increased , i feel full and stong like a fkg bear. That tren gave me all the side effects expected from Tren like insomnia and so on ... If you are looking for a trusting place to get your gear,let me tell you , you are at the RIGHT place !
Usually i never leave a review online , but well , they really deserve it ... Got my package in less than a week and half . These guys been around for years , i found them from a friend who keep ordering there . They definetly earned my business .. i will keep recommand your shop to my buddies keep it up.
Love it. On my 4th purchase. Need I say more?
5th order with these guys I always get my stuff with tracking *****
These guys are first class. Item made it over the pond in short order. Very discrete packaging and quality product exactly as shown. Thanks Guys
These guys are the best very legit being ordered almost a year an i always get my product in good condition i will recommend anything you need that they carry
Seems to be working
Been ordering thru these guys years and over years , they always been top notch , their products are the Best out there .. No need to looks elsewhere and risk being scammed or worst engage your health with garbage stuff .. these guys are really professional, you can feel that they like what they are doing ,coz their cycle advice and support is great ! Keep it up SteroidsFax Team !
These guys are great. Timely shipping and great advice too. Ordered their tren this winter and it showed up crashed. They replaced it the very next day. Crashed gear in the middle of winter is pretty common where I live. This was my first time using SF and they won a customer for life with customer service like that. Extremely happy with their Somastin. Great prices great service.
You guys are insane , keep it up , your products are the best on the market !! My only criticism , products are often out of stock BUT i do understand why !!! i know that its a good sign because you guys running a legit business with again the best products available in the market !! i will be patient that you restock again ur Var to place a new order ^^ !!
This place is 100% legit ive order twice from them products always came in and if there was any issues they were quick to help resolve the issue. i never shop anywere else and wont be dissapointed they wont let down. :)
Parcel landed in less than 2 week , they always aswered my questions timely .. Stuff came wrapped very professionaly . Will post soon my feeling about their products , but i m pretty sure it will be top notch!
Reliable, thanks
Steroidsfax is definetly GTG , been a customer for years and i will still keep ordering from them !! Valkyrie is definitely the best UGL around , got my bloodchecks in and came like it used to be , HIGH , VERY HIGH IN TEST lool !! you guys rocks !!!