Dragon Pharma

Dragon pharma is a famous steroid manufacturing company in the world. Its stores are present all over the world. You can have access to any of their products regardless of the condition where you are living in. According to the company, its name “dragon” represents the quality of their products as the dragon is a symbol of transformation, endurance, and immense sovereignty. And one can possess these qualities using their product.


This is used in terms that it will help you to develop body strength and big muscles along with higher stamina. The inspiration behind all their products is the dragon, which can handle these qualities. A complete variety of steroids and other related products are available there. No matter if you are a sports person, athlete, bodybuilder, weight lifter, or fitness trainer, you can find the most suited product there.


Muscle building, creatine, proteins, workout supplements, health and wellness, energy and pre-workout supplements, and fat burners are manufactured by Dragon Pharma. You can buy Steroidsfax a renowned steroids supplier. We offer real products at the most competitive rates.


Make sure that you are buying from a store that is trusted and provides you with original products from that pharma industry. The reason behind this is that many other stores are trying to sell their own products with the same brand name and manufacturer’s logo. Buying such types could lead to various hormonal changes and side effects in your body. This is why it is recommended to buy Dragon Pharma products from SteroidsFax.


The best thing about Dragon Pharma is that all of their products are tested repeatedly, so you could receive products that do not harm you. Moreover, all of their raw ingredients are also analyzed before use, so any sort of impurity could be removed from them. The side effects of their products are to a minimum extent and become visible only when you misuse them by taking more than the prescribed amount.


Different Dragon Pharma products offer different products. However, they vary depending on the product you have selected. Generally, these products benefit bodybuilders and athletes. They are also used in the treatment of many diseases.



The dose of Dragon Pharma depends on individual products. Make sure to know about it before using it.

Dragon Pharma Trenbolone 50

Package 10 mL vial (50 mg/mL)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Trenbolone suspension
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