Whenever you hear about bodybuilding, gym and steroids are the first two words that come to your mind. Whole bodybuilding revolves around 4 basic things that are steroids cycles, workouts in the gym, extra meals, and proper rest. You may hear several people saying that you can achieve your desired body without steroids as well. It is right only to a limited extent. Yes, you can achieve some muscles and shred extra pounds of fats through intense workouts only. But it will take a long time to transform yourself without steroids. Many people spend their whole life but never get the result any closer to those which you can gain by the use of steroids.

There are several steroids or supplements that are famous in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training. One of the most potent and popular steroids that can assist you in your bodybuilding journey is Anadrol. It is not a new name for someone who has been in the gym for a few weeks only. Even newbies are aware of this highly effective steroid. The revolution it has brought to the world of bodybuilding and fitness training is watchable. Several international sportspersons and athletes use this steroid to improve their overall performance.

If you are looking for a steroid that can help you transform your body by adding extra pounds of muscles then you can hardly find something better than Anadrol. This steroid is purely for bulking and will quickly add muscles to your body. However, it never means that you start taking this steroid without any guidance. Though its benefits for bulking cycles are unmatchable, you still need proper guidance to get all those advantages. Don’t panic about getting legit information about Anadrol as we are here to guide you. From its manufacturers to its uses and benefits, we will tell you everything about this steroid. Let's have a look at this guide so you can start its cycle and gain the desired amount of muscles by using this potent steroid.

Manufacturers of Anadrol

The first thing that you need to know about Anadrol is its manufacturers. It is important to know this as you can rely on a steroid to gain muscles if it is manufactured by a well-reputed international pharmaceutical company. Anadrol is manufactured by top steroid manufacturers on this planet. Alpha Pharma, Para Pharma, Valkyrie Pharma, and Dragon Pharma are the top pharmaceutical companies that manufacture this potent steroid.

As Anadrol is manufactured by Internationally famous companies, you can rely on it for bodybuilding purposes. Anadrol steroid is properly checked and tested in high-tech laboratories before releasing into the market. It means that you will get a properly tested version of this steroid with certain alterations to avoid the risks of side effects and maximize the benefits.

Is Anadrol Oral or Injectable?

The mode of steroid intake matters the most for bodybuilders, especially those who are new to this field. Usually, oral steroids are preferred by bodybuilders as it is very easy to engulf them instead of injecting an injectable supplement. Therefore, one of your biggest concerns about Anadrol will be whether it is oral or injectable. This supplement is used by bodybuilders all over the world. From beginners to experts or professional bodybuilders rely on this steroid to gain muscles.

So, it is available in both oral and injectable forms. Though its availability in both forms has made it easy for bodybuilders, it also has given rise to the debate of injectable Anadrol vs oral one. Both forms of this steroid are equally effective and will help you to gain muscles at a quicker pace. Choosing the oral or injectable one will depend only on your personal choice.

If you are OK with syringes or needles and know the proper method to inject steroids then you can opt for the injectable Anadrol and focus on specific muscle groups. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to inject steroids or are afraid of needles, then you can go with the oral version.

Mechanism of Action of Anadrol

The active component present in Anadrol is Oxymetholone. It is a synthetic version of testosterone which is well known for introducing muscle growth and development in the body. This variant of testosterone will work in two ways or mechanisms in the human body. Upon its entrance in the body, the conversion of Estradiol will take place. This conversion will result in the activation of Estrogen receptors. The level of testosterone starts rising in the body through a feedback mechanism.

This will result in the availability of free testosterone in the body. Free testosterone will then be transported to the targeted muscle groups and it will enter the cytoplasm of muscle cells. Now testosterone will bind to the active adrenergic receptors present in these cells. It may also be reduced to 5α-dihydrotestosterone with the help of enzymes. However, this 5α-dihydrotestosterone will also bind to the same receptors but even more strongly than the free testosterone. It will go into the structural changes and then further bind to the nucleotides of the specific sequence of DNA. Influence transcriptional activity of certain genes will take place and the androgenic effects of this steroid will begin.

Uses of Anadrol

Like many other bulking steroids, this too was designed for medical purposes. When it was first produced in the 1960s, it was used for the treatment of several disorders. The most vital use of Anadrol was the addition of some muscle mass to the patients who lost it during their survival against some deadly disorders such as cancers or AIDS. It was also used for the development of skeletal miles and male sexual traits in case of delayed puberty.

Later its advantages in the world of bodybuilding were recognized by some bodybuilders and it earned the reputation as one of the most potent supplements for muscle gains. It is now used by professional bodybuilders and sportspersons during bulking phases. Apart from that, it is also used to add strength and durability. Its uses expand when you stack it with some other steroids.

Benefits of Anadrol

As mentioned earlier, Anadrol is used worldwide by athletes and bodybuilders. It simply means this supplement has some noticeable benefits. Anadrol results even before the completion of the first cycle reflect how vital this steroid is for bodybuilding. Following are some of the top-listed benefits of Anadrol.

Medical Benefits

It was first prepared to treat several diseases therefore, it has some noticeable medical benefits. It was used for the recovery of body weight in patients who were diagnosed with HIV positive. Similarly, patients also lose their whole mass during their survival against cancer. Recovery of this lost muscle mass is also possible by using this steroid. Anadrol dosage is prescribed by doctors for such recovery purposes.

It is also used for the treatment of some sexual disorders as well. Some males suffer from delayed puberty. The use of Anadrol will be beneficial to introduce male secondary sexual traits in them by raising the level of testosterone in their bodies.

Rapid Increase in Muscles Size

Anadrol will increase the size of your muscles at a dramatically high speed. Though it is a variant of natural testosterone, it is 3 times more potent than the regular version. This increase in the size of muscles will be extremely high during the cycle. The addition of lean muscles is the secret behind the immense growth of your muscles. It will make your muscles look bigger and stronger. 18 pounds of muscles will be normally added after the completion of the first 6 or 8 week Anadrol cycle.

Note: You may experience a sudden decrease in muscle size once you stop taking Anadrol. It never means that the gain of muscles was temporary. This decrease will be due to the loss of retained water which keeps your muscles pumped. Lean muscle will not observe any decline.

Increased Strength

You will observe immense strength when taking Anadrol. The strength will be double than the weight you gained by using this steroid. It means that it will add muscles not only for show but to have real strength as well. You will observe this strength during workouts as you will be able to lift heavier and perform intense workouts. Though early morning, when your stomach is empty, is the best time of the day to take Anadrol, you can take it before going to the gym as well. It will assist you in your workouts by showing immediate results.

Join Support

It will add support to your joints as well. Elastic muscle fibers will develop around joints which gives them increased support and flexibility. It will prevent you from injuries during workouts. It will also ease joint pain or inflammation.


One of the primary benefits of this steroid is that it’s affordable. Despite excellent results, the Anadrol price is not very high. The price for a pack of 100 tablets, with each tablet containing 50 mg of the active compound is around $75 to $80. It means you can easily buy Anadrol and use it to achieve some excellent results.

Fat Loss

Though Anadrol is not a steroid that is known for fat loss or cutting cycle, it still has some benefits in this department as well. It increases the metabolic rates of the body which will help you to burn fats at a much quicker pace. Furthermore, it can be stacked with other cutting steroids to avoid muscle loss during the cutting phase. It will allow you to gain muscles and lose fat at the same time.

Side Effects of Anadrol

When you see the bright side of a picture, you must never ignore the darker aspects of it. As Anadrol is a highly potent steroid and has some excellent benefits for muscle gain, it also has demerits as well. Abusing a potent steroid like Anadrol by overdosing on it will result in some serious side effects. Let’s have a look at those side effects.


    It is a c17-alpha-alkylated compound that is hypoxic. It is detoxified by the addition of a saturated A ring to avoid any strain on the liver. However, when you overdose on it, it will be toxic for your liver and cause several disorders.


    Water retention and High blood pressure are some common Anadrol side effects. When you take a large amount of it, the blood pressure will increase rapidly and cause cardiovascular disorders.


    Using it for more than the normal cycle duration will shut down the natural production of testosterone. It will result in low energy levels and demotivation when you stop taking it. If you keep on abusing Anadrol, you may become sexually inactive.

Anadrol Cycle

Anadrol dosage for bodybuilding must be kept very precise. It is required to avoid any side effects of this steroid and gain maximum results. Duration of the Anadrol cycle must remain between 4 to 8 weeks depending upon your experience and tolerance. Per day dosage must be 50 to 100 mg depending upon your experience. Never exceed 100 mg per day. The best way to take it is to split its doses and take it two to three times a day. Per-day dosage of Anadrol for women must be kept very low. It must be 12.5 mg for the first cycle. Later you can go with 25 mg per day.

Where to Buy Anadrol?

It is very hard to find a place where you can get the original version of this steroid. Steroidsfax has real Anadrol for sale. Steroidsfax is one of the most reliable online stores that deal with every type of steroid. You have to simply order Anadrol from Steroidsfax and it will deliver the original version of this supplement to your doorstep. You will get it in secret packaging.

Bottom Line

Now you are ready to go for the first cycle of Anadrol as you have known everything about it. However, it is recommended that you must not use it if you are a beginner. Complete cycles of some mild steroids first and then take Anadrol as your body will be familiar with steroids. Never overdose on this steroid to avoid side effects.


What does Anadrol do for your body?

Upon entering your body, Anadrol causes estradiol conversion. As a result, estrogen receptors get activated and testosterone levels rise in the body. It will be helpful in developing muscles.

Is Anadrol good for bulking or cutting?

Anadrol is a typical bulking steroid that is good for gaining a considerable amount of muscle. It can add 16 to 18 pounds of muscles during the first cycle which will last for 6 to 8 weeks only.

Is Anadrol the best steroid?

Yes, Anadrol is rated as one of the best steroids. Many experts and professionals have claimed that no other steroid is as helpful for developing muscles as Anadrol. So, you can say that it's one of the best supplements for muscle growth and development.

How quickly does Anadrol work?

Anadrol starts working as soon as it enters the body. It can add 18 pounds of muscles in just 6-8 weeks. It's enough to estimate the quick functioning ability of this steroid.

Is Anadrol safe?

Yes, taking Anadrol is completely safe unless you overdose on it. If you stick with the cycle and don’t abuse this steroid, it's completely safe for you to take it.

How to take Anadrol for best results?

To get the best results, you must take it when your stomach is empty. So, you can take it when you wake up in the morning as your stomach is empty at that time.

What happens when you stop Anadrol?

When you stop taking Anadrol after the completion of a cycle, you may observe a quick decrease in muscle size. But, it is the loss of water retained in your muscles. Your muscles will remain the same amount.

Is Anadrol better than Trenbolone?

Anadrol is a bulking steroid while Trenbolone is one of the major cutting supplements. Both are best in their respective departments. So, we cannot say Anadrol is better than Trenbolone as both belong to two different categories.

Does Anadrol affect mood?

Yes, abusing this steroid can affect your mood. You will start feeling demotivated and confused. Apart from that, its continuous abuse can lead to severe mood swings as well.