To look beautiful is the right of every person. However, only wearing branded dresses and having an attractive face cannot make you look attractive. You need to work on your overall physique to loom well. Almost everyone in this universe wants to have a perfect body. Though bodybuilding and fitness training is common among men, women are still more conscious about their figures than men. Maintaining a good body shape is pretty hard for women. However, those who try and stick to the routine can get perfect bodies.

Fat loss is one of the most difficult things that women have to do when opting to maintain a good body shape. They can get fat due to several hormonal changes as well. So to lose this excess weight, they have to work out hard and maintain a diet as well. However, many women still failed to get the desired results. The only thing they need is the support of an effective steroid. If you are looking for one of the most effective steroids to lose fat in females then you can hardly find something better than Anavar.

Anavar for women is the most potent steroid to lose excess fat and gain strength. However, you cannot just order Anavar and start taking it. Side effects, benefits, and everything else related to Anavar is different for women. You need to know everything about it before starting its first cycle. Anavar dosage for women is also different as compared to men. You need to go through a complete guide of Anavar for women. We are here with this guide for you. Let’s go through it.

Manufacturers of Anavar

Knowing the manufacturers is one of the most important things as it has a great impact on the quality of steroids. Anavar prepared by local manufacturers may not be tested properly and can leave deep side effects. But you don’t have to worry about it as Anavar is prepared by international manufacturers including the likes of Para Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma, Valkyrie Pharma, etc. All these manufacturers are well-known all over the world and are ranked as the most reliable pharmaceutical companies.

You must get Anavar manufactured by these companies so you don’t have to be worried about its side effects. Anavar is tested properly in high-tech labs before selling in the market. This testing is done to ensure that you get minimum side effects when using these steroids.

Is Anavar Oral or Injectable?

Women are usually more concerned about the intake mechanism of steroids. Men can easily opt for injectable steroids as they are usually not afraid of needles and learn quickly how to inject steroids properly. In case they don’t have the guidance of an experienced bodybuilder they can simply get it injected from a clinic. However, women cannot get themselves injected easily. They are usually afraid of needles. However, as a female, if you are not afraid of needles, you still have to look for someone who can inject the steroids appropriately.

Furthermore, it's also hard for females to get themselves injected at a clinic. On the other hand, taking oral steroids is also not that easy. Some females cannot swallow pills and consider it easy to get themselves injected. But the good news is that Anavar is present in both oral and injectable form. It’s up to you which version of this steroid suits you the most. If you have the guidance of some experts or know how to inject properly, you can go with the injectable version of it. Similarly, if you don’t know how to inject steroids, you must opt for the oral version of it.

Mechanism of Action

Oxandrolone is the active component present in Anavar. Like most of the other steroids, this too targets the androgen receptors present in the tissues and cells. Upon entering the body, steroid molecules start traveling toward the target tissues. Here they can come across the androgen receptors directly or they have to enter the cell to bind with them. They first bind with transport receptors and then detach from them after getting inside cells. After that, they head toward the target androgen receptors and bind with them.

After entering the cell and binding with androgenic receptors, they start changing the coding sequence of mRNA or condones. This will result in protein formation and cause the recovery of broken muscle fibers. Similarly, it also impacts the hormone level in the body. This too has a deep impact on the overall metabolic processes of the body. This high metabolic rate helps to burn fat quickly.

Uses of Anavar for Women

Anavar has plenty of uses in both medical and fitness training fields. It is widely used in medical treatments, especially for the recovery of body mass. Some diseases such as cancer and AIDS result in loss of body mass. Such patients are treated with Anavar as it helps them to regain body mass. It is also used for the treatment of some bone diseases as well.

Its uses are unlimited in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training. It is used by women to reduce body fat and gain some strength. It helped them to maintain their shape and perform intense physical workouts. And most importantly, it is used to get some quick results. Results can be seen after the completion of the first female Anavar cycle.

Benefits of Anavar for Female

Completing a steroid cycle is not about taking a pill or injection after regular intervals. You need to concentrate on a lot of things. Maintaining a workout regime and diet along with steroids is the most important thing to get results. Females have to manage all these things with a lot of struggle and hard work. Knowing the benefits of completing its cycle keeps women motivated and they can complete the cycle with a maintained diet and workout. Following are some of the key benefits of Anavar for women.

Medical Benefits

Like most other steroids, Anavar is also used for medical purposes. It started as a medical drug and later its benefits were discovered in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training. Following are the key medical benefits of Anavar.

    It is used to treat bone pain in women. Mostly the bone pain associated with osteoporosis is treated via this steroid.

    Girls or women with turner syndrome can also benefit from using this steroid.

    It is beneficial in muscle recovery as well. Some severe disorders such as cancer and AIDS require continuous corticosteroid therapy. It results in loss of body mass. The ability of Anavar to add thin muscles helps to regain the lost body mass.

    It is very helpful in the treatment and healing of wounds. Severe skin burns are usually addressed by using this steroid.

Muscle Gain

Anavar is super suitable for women to gain muscles. However, it is not a potential bulking steroid. It may help women to gain muscles but doesn’t help them to turn into 200 lb muscular individuals. The ability of Anavar to add thin muscles helps them to gain some body weight. The mass added by it will be pure muscles without any water retention. On average the first cycle of Anavar for women can add up to 12 lbs of pure muscles. However, this gain depends greatly upon the diet and workout routine as well. Only Anavar cannot add muscles to your body.

Quick Functioning

The functioning of Anavar steroids is very quick. Taking it helps women gain muscles and get effective results in a very short duration. The key thing is that the half-life of this steroid is around 40 minutes to 1 hour. It means Anavar has to do its work within this duration. As a result, it helps you to get the desired results within this duration.

Increased Muscle Strength

Many bodybuilders have only muscles that can be put on display. These muscles are for competition and possess no actual strength. On the other hand, taking Anavar enables women to gain muscle endurance as well. The muscles gained by taking this supplement to possess some real strength as well. Women can observe this strength during regular workouts. They will be able to lift heavier than normal routines and can perform some intense workouts as well. This muscle endurance makes it easy for women to perform their daily routines as well.

Fat Loss

Helping in fat loss is the most prominent function of Anavar. It may have many other benefits but fat loss is the key thing that earns it a reputation as one of the best steroids for women. Anavar for women’s weight loss is the key reason behind its popularity and usage all over the world. It enters the body and binds to androgen receptors. After that, it helps in improving the metabolic rates of the body. This high metabolic rate enables you to burn fat at a quicker pace.

In addition to high metabolic activities, Anavar enables women to perform high-intensity workouts as well. This high-intensity workout also helps in fat loss. Taking Anavar helps women to lose subcutaneous fat that gives a clear lean look to women. Tough fats such as those of the belly and love handles can also be removed using this steroid.

Promote Lean Physique 

When consumed under professional and medical supervision, Anavar in Women not only burns excessive fat but also aids them in preserving muscles and promoting a lean physique. Unlike other similar steroids, it reduces water retention and eliminates the risk of weight gain and puffy muscles. It results in a perfectly sculpted body without compromising on muscle growth.  

Reduce Recovery Time

Women on Anavar also notice a considerable change in their recovery speed. When consumed carefully it not only helps in muscle growth and the development of a lean physique but also speeds up the muscle-repairing process. Therefore, it helps female bodybuilders to participate in routine activities, competitions, and training more actively. 

No Virilization

It is probably the most important benefit of taking Anavar. Anavar allows women to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time without any virilization. Usually, most steroids have some side effects in women. These side effects are related to the introduction of masculine characters in women. Virilization is the term used for such side effects. Taking Anavar results in no virilization.

Side Effects of Anavar on Women

Women usually get more side effects upon using steroids than men. The reason can be a greater hormonal disturbance in them due to supplements. Furthermore, many steroids cause an increase in testosterone levels. This high testosterone level is not good for females. Following are some of the most common Anavar side effects in females.

Anavar and women are considered an ideal match because of the safety profile and versatility of this cutting steroid. Moreover, its mild nature and original components also add to its credibility and reputation as the safest anabolic steroid for females.  However, overdose or abusive usage can cause serious health risks.

    It may cause skin rashes, allergies, and acne in women. These side effects are not long-lasting and vanish once you complete the cycle.

    Females may observe headaches as well. However, this is very rare and usually associated with continuous overdosing.

    Nausea and hair loss are also possible side effects associated with abusing this steroid.

    Females may observe lower libido as well. However, this side effect is very rare and can be reversed soon after the completion of the cycle.


Note: Anavar side effects in women are associated with uncontrolled doses. If you take it with guidance from some experienced users and follow the cycles, then there will be no side effects associated with it.

Anavar Cycle for Women

Anavar cycle for women must be kept very precise. The dose of this supplement for women must be kept very low as compared to the males. Usually, the side effects are associated with overdose. As a beginner, women must start their Anavar cycle with the minimum possible doses. The cycle duration must never exceed 4 to 5 weeks. Per-day dosage must also be kept minimum. Usually 20 mg every day is enough for beginners. If you are an experienced user and have completed at least one or 2 cycles of Anavar, then you can go for 25 mg per day. Make sure not to exceed this Anavar dose for women.

Where to Buy Anavar?

For women, it would be a real trouble to get a legit version of Anavar. You may end up getting artificial steroids. Therefore, the best way is to order Anavar from Steroidsfax. Steroidsfax is one of the most prominent online stores that deal with steroids of almost every genre. You can get the original Anavar from Steroidsfax. Simply offer it and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Final Words

As promised we have delivered a complete guide on the Anavar for women. Women must take this steroid after going through this guide. Make sure not to exceed the recommended doses to avoid any side effects. Women! Get ready to lose fat and achieve your dream body.


Does Anavar affect women?

Yes, it does, But only in good ways. Taking control doses of this steroid can affect the overall body of women by helping them lose fat and get desired body shape. It helps in adding strength to their muscles as well. It will affect the body in a bad way only when they overdose on it.  

Can you lose weight on Anavar?

Yes, you can, especially when you are female. Anavar is one of the most potent steroids for weight loss in females. It helps them lose the excess fat stored in their bodies. Completing only one cycle of this steroid along with proper diet and workout can help you lose even the toughest fat layers as well.

What is the safest steroid for women?

Anavar is considered as the safest steroid for women. It helps them achieve their bodybuilding dreams without inducing side effects. The best thing about Anavar for women is that it doesn’t develop male characters in females.

Does Anavar affect your period?

If you overdose on it then Anavar can affect your periods. It shortens the cycle and may cause premature menstruation. It can also depress the Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in the body.