Even if the person has little knowledge of steroids, nutrition, or training, it's simple to acquire 20-30 pounds of muscle during the first cycle. This exemplifies the effectiveness of anabolic steroids.

Great power, on the other hand, carries a great deal of responsibility. With the body being entirely new to potentially harmful drugs, a person's first steroid cycle should be as careful as possible to reduce negative effects.

It's vital to be well-informed about what you should and shouldn't do as a newbie to steroid cycling.

Following are the important things that you need to know before starting a steroid cycle:

Introduction to Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids:

When it comes to bodybuilding and athletic behaviour, anabolic-androgenic steroids are the most commonly used steroids (AAS). Natural and synthetic androgens produced from or based on testosterone are included in this group of steroids.

The anabolic component refers to testosterone's function in the development of male features, while the androgenic component refers to testosterone's part in the stimulation of muscular growth.

Half-Lives of Steroids:

Knowing a steroid's half life makes it simple to plan your cycles, determine which steroids to use, and how long you should use them for.

It will also assist you to understand what is going on in your body if you are subjected to a drug test.

The half-life of a steroid is the same no matter what dosage or how long you've been using it.

Injectable and Oral Steroids:

Some steroids can only be administered through injection, while others can be taken orally. Only a few, such as Winstrol, can be injected or taken orally.

If you're new to steroid use, it's natural to be hesitant about starting with injections; you may even choose to avoid them entirely and stick to oral steroids. You will, however, be confined to a few steroid types, such as Anavar and Dianabol.

Cycling Steroids:

Cycling requires a strategy since you'll be deciding how long you want to use the steroid for and how long you'll take between uses.

A cycle might run anywhere from a few weeks to several months, with no steroid use or lower dosage in between. Your cycle length will be decided by your previous steroid experience, the steroid you're using, and the goals you're seeking to achieve.

Length of Steroid Cycle:

The length of your steroid cycle will be determined by a number of variables, the most important of which are the steroid compound you wish to take and your overall goals.

Short Cycles (2-4 weeks):

A short cycle, which lasts only two or three weeks, might be effective for achieving very rapid gains by basically blasting the body with very high doses, or for achieving sustained but gradual gains without overloading the body with drugs.

Medium Cycles (6-8 weeks):

A 6 to 8-week cycle is beneficial for adding lean mass or cutting over a modest time frame where you put in strong diet and gym effort, while allowing you to run roughly 3 cycles per year with appropriate time off without risking declining gains, which can occur if your cycle is too long.

Standard Cycles (10-12 weeks):

Standard steroid cycles last 10 to 12 weeks and are excellent for both new and seasoned steroid users, with benefits for both bulking and cutting depending on your goals and steroid chemicals used.

This time frame is considered the ideal because it allows you to make gains for the longest time possible, before muscle growth slows, plateau, and eventually stops.

Long Cycles (3-9 months):

Only long-term, very experienced, or older users who are unconcerned about natural testosterone levels should use this. Some people believe that extremely extended cycles of 3 to 9 months can result in long-term advantages.

The most frequent drugs used in a long cycle are testosterone enanthate or Cypionate. The increased danger of major adverse effects associated with these exceptionally lengthy steroid cycles, as expected, makes it an approach that should not be taken for granted.

Testosterone Cycle:

For a first-time steroid user, a Testosterone cycle is by far the best option.

Not only will Testosterone provide the results that most novices desire, such as muscular growth of 20-30 pounds and increased strength. But testosterone also has no adverse effects on the liver and very slightly raises cholesterol levels. As a result, when taking conservative doses, blood pressure will not rise. Thus, many users' hearts can stay in good shape while their livers stay strong and healthy.

As a novice, there's no need to cycle Testosterone for more than 7 weeks or take more than 350mg of testosterone per week. Although elite bodybuilders can safely increase this dosage, a beginner will be more susceptible to negative effects.

Anavar Cycle:

Anavar is another popular first-cycle steroid for both men and women.

If big muscle and strength gains aren't desired, but the user prefers greater fat reduction and modest size and strength improvements, Anavar may be the best option.

Because of its moderate side effects, Anavar is one of the safest steroids for beginners. As a result, Anavar users are unlikely to experience any side effects.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) After Steroid Cycle:

Beginners may forget the importance of PCT following a steroid cycle, yet it is just as crucial as the cycle itself. Steroids disrupt the body's natural processes, such as testosterone and hormone production, so once you've finished a cycle, you'll want to urge your body to start creating hormones naturally again, rather than relying on artificial steroids.

PCT is crucial for avoiding steroid side effects as well as maintaining the muscle gains you've acquired during your cycle.

Starting with your first cycle as a beginner, you'll need to develop the habit of making PCT a crucial aspect of every steroid cycle.


It's a lot to process, so do as much research as you can before making a decision. It's not a decision to be taken lightly, and you should be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible before using anabolic steroids.


What is a beginner's cycle of steroids?

It is a strategic approach to use synthetic derivatives of naturally occurring human hormones such as Testosterone and HGH ParaTropin 100iu. It involved the careful usage of specific anabolic steroids in specific amounts for a specific time frame. 

When should I start taking steroids?

The best way to start using steroids is after consulting with your doctor and fitness assistant. They are well aware of your body's needs, health, and possible effects of anabolic steroids on your body. Therefore, they can help you to make a well-informed decision and choose the right products to use in your first steroid cycle.  

Consulting professionals also help you to find a reliable store to buy legit anabolic steroids. 

What should my first cycle of steroids be?

It depends on your fitness or bodybuilding goals, physical and psychological health, ability to tolerate steroids after effects, and body weight. Usually, professionals recommend beginners to add Testosterone, and Anavar to their first steroid cycle as both of these supplements are quite effective, versatile, and carry minimum health risks. 

Make sure to consult professional healthcare assistants to choose the right type of steroids for your first steroid cycle and stay healthy. 

What is a safe cycle of steroids?

It depends on the individual's needs and preferences. The reason is that the same type of steroids behaves differently in different individuals. 

However, professional bodybuilders and athletes consider the Testosterone cycle as the safest steroid cycle for both professionals and beginners. 

Is taking steroids for 5 days safe?

A steroid 5-day cycle is usually recommended by healthcare professionals to treat different disorders and infections such as allergies and inflammations. Therefore, consuming steroids for 5 consecutive days is quite safe.  

How long does 1 cycle of steroids last?

It varies depending on several factors such as the type of steroid cycle, individual bodybuilding needs, and fitness level of the users. Generally, the steroid cycle lasts 6-12 weeks. 

However, some steroids are quite potent and recommended to be consumed for four weeks only. 

What are the 5 common side effects of steroids?

Along with unlimited benefits, anabolic steroids also carry some serious side effects which are listed below; 

  • Risk of liver damage 

  • Hormonal imbalance 

  • Acne 

  • Hair fa and pattern baldness in males 

  • Facial hair growth and mood swings 

However, all these side effects occur only when misusing steroids or consuming higher doses for long durations. Buying steroids from reliable suppliers such as SteroidsFAX and following the dosage instructions can protect you from such side effects. 

Do steroids make you hungry?

It varies from individual to individual depending on their bodybuilding needs, immunity, and overall health. After consuming steroids, some users experience increasing appetite while others may not feel any significant change. 

What not to eat while on steroids?

Along with anabolic steroids, consuming a healthy diet and performing regular exercises are crucial to achieving desired fitness goals. Therefore, processed foods, sugary snacks, and excessive salt consumption are highly restricted during the steroid cycle. 

What to eat while on steroids?

When going through the steroids cycle, professional healthcare and fitness assistants always recommend consuming a balanced diet that is equally healthy and nutritious. 

Lack of a healthy diet can lead to various troubles including the higher risk of steroid side effects, low immunity, and excessive decline in body weight.