In today's world of glam and fashion where everyone tries to look perfect, bodybuilding has gained massive popularity. The major driving force behind this fam especially among the youth is the strong body and dynamic looks of media persons, heroic characters of films and movies.  It helps individuals to give their bodies perfect shape with gigantic muscles and appealing looks.

Bodybuilding is a time-consuming process that requires patience and continuous struggle but the use of steroids can help to achieve more accurate results in a short duration. Though you can also transform your body according to your desires without using steroids it will not provide the perfect results as steroids can. However, proper guidance and knowledge before starting your first steroid cycle are crucial to avoid the risks and harmful effects.

From losing unnecessary fat to body shaping and developing muscles to getting strength, steroids proved to be magical weapons at each stage of body transformation. However, some harmful disadvantages and health risks are also associated with them if over or misused. Therefore, it's highly recommended to take proper and professional guidance on the first steroid cycle for beginners to achieve desired results.

If you are a beginner or planning to use steroids, you are landing on the right place because we are going to discuss common steroids for beginners, their uses, benefits, disadvantages, and all crucial facts here;

Common Steroids For Beginners

Various types of steroids are available in markets that are highly popular in the bodybuilding world. However, every type of steroid is not best for all individuals and can cause massive damage, especially to beginners. Therefore, awareness of beginners' steroids and their all aspects is crucial to avoid any physical and hormonal imbalance.

You can explore here the most common steroids and everything you need to know before starting your first steroid cycle;


To experience the best beginner steroid cycle, Dianabol is one of the best steroids. It's quite mild and provides excellent results in 2-3 weeks. It's highly recommended by experts and bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. It is also used by athletes to get perfect shape, strength, and power. However precise dosage is crucial to avoid any side effects or troubles. It does not provide more powerful results individually but when taking in the firm of steroid stacks.

Testosterone Enanthate 

If you are looking for an effective steroid for muscle development, fat cutting, and first-time testosterone cycle, Testosterone Enanthate is quite suitable for you. The reason is that it's one of the mildest and massively popular steroids among youth. It does not show immediate results, but one can experience a dramatic change in muscles after 4 weeks of usage.

The main reason for its rising popularity is that it's suitable for both males and females. Make sure to normal dose as prescribed.

Deca Durabolin

The most popular name in the world of steroids and bodybuilding is Deca Durabolin. It is used to ensure perfect cutting and muscle development. It provides fast results and even females can use it for better muscle growth, utterance, and strengthening the body. 


It's another important steroid for beginners to get rid of unnecessary fat with a strong and attractive body form. It's best for both females and females. However, it's not recommended for daily use. Taking a precise dose once or twice a week is enough to get desired results.

Facts about Steroids You Need To Know

There's a common concept that steroids are magical powers that can change everything in one night or a week. While some people also consider them the cause of health destruction and many other hormonal problems. These are just myths that are based on misconceptions and false beliefs. Therefore, you need to know all crucial facts about steroids before starting your first cycle of steroids.

Steroids are Drugs

Whether you believe it or not steroids are strong drugs that are for different purposes. It’s the reason that selling, i.e. buying steroids, is illegal. For example, corticosteroids are used for medical treatments while anabolic treatments are used to alter sex hormones in humans.

Their excessive use can make your body addicted to them and have several other health risks. Therefore, it's highly recommended to take a break after one steroid cycle and then go for the next one.

Steroids Do Not Provide Instant Results

Most people thought that steroids were magical sticks that can change their body into a superman shape within a few nights. While steroids work through a proper mechanism and take time to provide the desired results. They work on mRNA and genetic codons to prepare new proteins that result in bulking or muscle development.

To achieve desired results one should need to complete the cycle for at least 1 month to feel the difference in your body shape.

Steroids Only Fasten The Process

As we mentioned earlier, steroids are not magical powders that can instantly transform your body. They do nothing but only fasten the process of developing muscles or cutting fat. Therefore, a proper workout and diet plan are crucial with the use of steroids to achieve desired results.

Make sure to construct a proper exercise and diet chart with the help of an expert or professional bodybuilder and stick to it strictly.

Different Steroids Have Different Uses

There’s another misconception about steroids that all steroids are bulking. While in fact, each steroid is developed for different purposes and has a different composition. For example, bulking steroids are used for muscle development while cutting muscles are used to burn unnecessary fat. Similarly, some muscles are only used for hair growth and some are effective for hormonal growth.

Therefore, it's crucial to choose the steroids according to your needs or as prescribed by a professional assistant.

Things To Consider

Using steroids is a very effective way to reshape your body and fulfill your desire of having muscles like your favorite movie character. However, having big goals brings more responsibility, therefore, you need to go more safely with your first steroid cycle. The reason is that most people ignore various aspects and factors before using steroids just because of excitement for the first steroid cycle.

Some crucial things or factors that you should consider before going for steroid first cycle are listed here:

Type Of Steroid

One of the most important things to consider for a first-time steroid cycle is selecting the right type of steroid. The reason is that various kinds of steroids are popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Some are mild while others are robust. Similarly, the use and purpose of every steroid are also different. Therefore, make sure to choose a mild and right type of steroid when starting your first cycle.

The credibility of The Manufacturing Company

Various manufacturing companies are providing bodybuilding steroids. However, most are scammers and selling steroids illegally at massively higher rates.  Professional bodybuilders usually recommend buying steroids manufactured by Alpha Pharma, Dragon Pharma, Para Pharma, and Valkyrie Pharma, top-ranked steroid manufacturing companies all around the globe.

Make sure to select any one of the above-mentioned companies and get high-quality steroids for your very first cycle at your doorstep.

Nature and Composition of The Steroid

Another thing that needs attention before starting your first steroid cycle is the nature and composition of the steroids. The reason is that most steroids have name resemblance but entirely different components. Make sure to check the composition described on the packaging to avoid wrong selection.

Every steroid has a different nature, some are mild, and some are quite fast in delivering results. Their effectiveness or cycle duration depends on their half-life. The faster the results or work of the steroids, the shorter their half-life.

Intake Method

Steroids are usually available in two forms, injection and oral supplements. Therefore, considering the intake method is also crucial. Injecting the steroid is time taking and a bit risky for beginners as they are not aware of the right method. While oral intake is quite easy and one can easily perform it without any assistance or help. Therefore, it's recommended to select oral versions of steroids.

Side Effects

The most important thing to consider before heading towards your first steroid cycle is keeping in mind the possible side effects and effective ways to reduce them. Though all steroids have some side effects, they are usually linked to overdosage or misuse. You can also compare the pros and cons of steroids to make the right decision.

Tips For the First Steroid Cycle

The use of steroids for bodybuilding purposes is not a piece of cake. It involves a lot of health risks including hormonal changes, body imbalance, and skin problems. However, following the beginner steroid guide and these effective tips can help you to go stress-free;

Take Experts Assistance

The very first and most crucial tip for beginners is to not start the first steroid cycle on your own. Some various aspects and risks need to be considered before taking steroids. Therefore, taking assistance or expert advice is compulsory to avoid harmful effects.

Opt For Mild Steroid

Steroids are available in both mild and advanced forms. The human body takes time to adjust to the reaction of steroids and taking high-power doses can cause troubles. Therefore, it's better to opt for mild steroids. Though they take more time, they will provide you with excellent results without side effects.

Start With Beginner Level Steroids

Manufacturing companies offer both beginner and expert-level steroids. As we discussed earlier, expert-level steroids are more powerful and can cause hormonal imbalances in beginners. Therefore, it's recommended to start with the beginner level and gradually you can shift to advanced-level steroids.

Go for Maximum Benefits

Some steroids are used for multiple purposes because of their composition. For example, Deca Durabolin is used for both muscle development and fat cutting while Dianabol is only used for bulking. Always choose a multi-functional steroid and cut the cost of buying a separate steroid for each purpose.


How to Start Your First Cycle?

The best and most effective way to start the first steroid cycle is to consult a professional bodybuilder and your doctor. Make sure to use this guide to know each aspect of steroids from their types and versions to their uses or side effects. It will not only help you to achieve your desired body shape but will also protect you from unwanted troubles.

How The Use of Steroids Can Benefit You?

The use of steroids according to instructions can fasten your bodybuilding process. They not only boost bulking muscles but also help you to lose excessive fat without messing up your body shape. Steroids are also used to enhance power.

What Health Risks are Linked to Steroids?

The health risks of using steroids are different in both males and females. They can cause baldness, deepened voice, and development of male features in females while causing breast development and loss of male characteristics in men. However, all health risks are associated with overdosage and the use of the wrong steroids.

What are The Effective Ways To Reduce The Side Effects of Steroids?

Almost all side effects of steroids are linked to their overdose. Therefore, they can be easily controlled or reduced by taking precise doses, following instructions, and using mild steroids. Regular diet and exercise also help to reduce their side effects.

Where To Buy Best Steroids?

Using steroids according to instructions and given dosage can help you to build your body like an Iron man in a short duration. However, finding good quality steroids at an affordable price is a daunting task. The reason is that selling steroids is illegal and banned in almost all countries. Therefore, most agencies sell steroids in black and cost extremely high prices that not everyone can afford.

Though various online portals claim to provide the best quality steroids at reasonable rates, the risk of scams or bad experiences always exists. However, you can contact steroidsFax to order steroid stacks for beginners and get the right product at your doorstep without paying any additional charges.

Bottom Line

After reading this beginner steroid guide, you have all the crucial information that you need to know before starting your first steroid cycle at your fingertips. Follow this guide and achieve your dream of having a strong body and attractive muscles without waiting too long or heavy expenditures.

Make sure to follow the experts' guide, your trainer's guideline, duet chart, and precautions to achieve the desired body shape and avoid health risks.