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No matter how many people speak against steroids, it’s a fact that they make the bases of your bodybuilding career. You get aware of the role of steroids as soon as you enter the gym for the first time to turn your bodybuilding and fitness training goals into reality. You may have listened to many people around you claiming that steroids are harmful to your health. But the fact is that they become dangerous only when you overdose.


To avoid the side effects of steroids, you must take them according to their cycle. Each steroid has a different cycle for different types of bodybuilders. The duration and dose of each cycle depend upon how long you have been bodybuilding and how many steroids cycles you have completed. When you complete a steroid cycle, it accumulates in your body.


Your body’s hormonal level gets disturbed as you experience a rise in it due to steroids. To bring them back to customary conditions and minimize the side effects of steroids, if any, you need to take post-cycle therapy. Post-cycle therapy is usually carried out by taking Nolvadex. Wait a minute, don’t you know about Nolvadex and its importance for post-cycle treatment? Here find its significance for post-cycle therapy.

What is Nolvadex

Nolvadex is a post-cycle therapy steroid that contains Tamoxifen Citrate as the active compound in it. It usually comes as an oral steroid in the form of tablets. Each tablet consists of 10 or 20 mg of the active compound. Soltamex is another brand for Nolvadex, and it is manufactured by almost every popular steroid company.


Though Nolvadex has medical benefits and helps in reducing the side effects of steroids, you cannot buy it from any drug store. This is used for the treatment of breast cancer and provided only by a doctor's prescription. If you want to take it for post-cycle therapy, you need to order it from an online and reliable site such as SteroidsFax.

Importance of Nolvadex for Post-Cycle Therapy

You might be wondering why to use Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy. There are several other compounds that can be used and are cheaper than Nolvadex as well. The benefits and effective results of Nolvadex make it superior to other post-cycle therapy supplements. A detailed account of its importance for the post-cycle therapy cycle has been given below. Let's figure it out.

Decreased Estrogen Level

When you complete a steroid cycle for bulking or cutting, it causes the estrogen level to rise in your body. This high level of estrogen results in various complexities in your body. Uterine fibroids, polycystic ovary, and certain types of cancers are the primary issues associated with high estrogen levels in the body. When you start taking Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy, it helps reduce the estrogen level in your body.


The mechanism of this activity is very straightforward. Nolvadex is a SERM drug. SERM stands for selective estrogen receptors modulator. When it enters your body, it inhibits different receptor sites of estrogen hormone to bind it. Nolvadex does so by covering or masking these sites. This will help to reduce the effect of estrogen on these sites. As a result, its level starts decreasing. However, if you aim to achieve quicker results, you must take Nolvadex with some aromatase inhibiting compound. It will decrease the level of estrogen at a quicker pace.

Maintaining Other Hormones

Steroids don’t only impact the level of estrogen by raising it. They also affect the other hormonal levels in your body. The prime example of this disturbance is testosterone level. Testosterone and estrogen levels in your body are inversely proportional to each other. The rise in estrogen decreases testosterone and vice versa.


So, simply reducing the level of estrogen by Nolvadex will automatically raise testosterone in your body. Moreover, it also helps increase testosterone concentration by stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone, which will result in hormonal regulations. Other hormones are also regulated in the same way as they are associated with concentrations of different other hormones in your body.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

You all know a high amount of cholesterol is directly associated with cardiovascular diseases. Low-density cholesterol is the most dangerous for your cardiac cycle. When you take extra meals during a steroid cycle to gain maximum results, it increases cholesterol levels. Nolvadex helps to reduce its level in your body and protects you from heart diseases.

Reduce Side Effects

Different steroids are associated with many different types of side effects. These side effects often happen when you take excessive steroids during the last 2 or 3 weeks of the cycle. Nolvadex improves in reducing these side effects. Let’s have a look at this activity of Nolvadex during post-cycle therapy.

Improves Mood

Taking steroids and resultant hormonal disturbance causes mood swings in you. These mood swings include anger, tension, and sometimes low confidence. Taking Nolvadex will improve hormone maintenance. As a result, your mood will start improving.

Reduce Breast Cancer

This is the primary function of Nolvadex. Estrogen hormone combines with receptors present in the breast region and causes cancer development. Nolvadex blocks these receptor sites and reduces the risks of breast cancer.

Inhibit Feminine Characters in Males

After completion of a steroid cycle, a higher level of estrogen results in the introduction of feminine characters in men. This is because estrogen is the female sex hormone that causes secondary sexual characteristics in women. Its high level in males’ bodies causes some feminine characteristics in males, such as the development of bigger breasts.


However, when you take Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy, it reduces estrogen and improves testosterone levels in the body. It reverses the conditions.


Now you know what Nolvadex is and what its importance is for post-cycle therapy. It’s one of the most important steroids in your bodybuilding career. Dealing with side effects of steroids which result in excessive use, maintaining hormones, or any other post-cycle therapy event, the best performing steroid in all cases is Nolvadex. Take its dosage as per the instructions of professionals and experts.