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Propionat is a propionic acid ester. It is the shortest testosterone ester. It has a shorter half-life than other chemicals and has a very gradual duration of action.

If that's the case, you're probably wondering why bodybuilders are still using it. Its distinct features are to credit. Users can perform a short cycle to acquire the desired outcomes. It's available as an injectable.

Propionat 100 has a two-to-three-day active life. It has a limited half-life and only lasts a day in the body after injection. Propionat 100 is one of the four testosterone ester mix Sustanon's components, and it, along with Phenylpropionate, is the reason why Sustanon requires more frequent injections.

It stimulates androgen receptors in the body, promoting male sexual health traits like hair growth, voice deepening, and muscle mass gain. Propionat was formerly licensed for human use by the FDA. Animals were still treated with it.

SteroidFax sells and ships this drug all over the world. The 10 ml vial package costs $35.


·       It greatly aids in the development of muscular mass. It not only promotes muscle growth but also aids in the healing of muscular tissue. The androgen receptors in this substance boost protein synthesis, allowing the user to gain more muscle mass.

·       Dragon Pharma Propionat 100 improves metabolism and provides energy to the muscles and body. The more energized you are when exercising, the more effective your workouts will be. This also implies you'll be able to recuperate more quickly.

·       Propionat is also excellent for cutting. It increases the rate of metabolism and burns calories. You will have a great physique at the end of the cycle.


Propionat is frequently used with other anabolic steroids such as Anabol, Superdrol, and Dianabol by bodybuilders. Whether you intend to build muscle or burn fat, the cycle and dose will differ.

Since this is a short-acting oil-based injection, most people will prefer to take 50-100 mg every day to every other day. Those of shorter stature who want to use it for cutting should do so every second or third day, or add Proviron as a precaution, with 50 to 100 mg per day sufficing in most situations.

Package 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Testosterone Propionate

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