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Dragon Pharma Femara

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Femara is an aromatase inhibitor of the third generation that was created to combat breast cancer. Bodybuilders and sportsmen use it to increase their strength.

Femara is an anti-estrogen medication that is still administered to people with postmenopausal breast cancer. Because estrogen in the blood promotes cancer growth, Femara blocked the enzyme in the adrenal glands that creates estrogens, estradiol, and estrone, in order to combat cancer-growing cells and prevent them from spreading. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, looked into whether some aspects of this substance could be useful as a post-cycle therapy drug.

Steroidsfax sells and ships it all over the world. The cost of a 100-tab, 2.5mg-per-tab package bundle is $98.


·       The principal benefit of this drug is that it protects many women from breast cancer. It's used to treat breast cancer, which affects a lot of women after menopause and is linked to positive hormone receptive activity.

·       It has the potential to lower estrogen levels in the body. This lower level is also the mechanism for breast cancer treatment, as estrogen promotes cancer growth when levels are greater than usual.

·       Many athletes and bodybuilders benefit from it because of its anti-estrogen properties. It aids in the reduction of bloating that occurs when muscles retain water as a result of steroid use.

·       It is also advantageous to bodybuilders because it reduces the negative effects of several other hormones. As a result, many athletes and bodybuilders choose to use it in combination with other steroids.


Since Femara is such a powerful drug, it must be given in smaller doses. It's better if it's used with other steroids. The suggested daily dosage for all types of consumers is 2.5mg. Because it has a longer half-life, the following 2.5mg dose should be taken correspondingly. This PCT medication should not be taken carelessly. If you don't have a coach, get advice from an expert or a doctor.

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