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Salbutamol is a drug that opens up the airways in the lungs and is manufactured by Dragon Pharma as an inhaler or puffer. It is known for allowing the muscles of the airways into the lungs to relax, allowing for easier breathing. It comes in a 100-tab package with 10mg per tab.

Even though this drug is used in medicine to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms, it is also used by bodybuilders and athletes for its additional benefits. This drug is known to boost an athlete's performance as well as their general appearance. It is widely utilized during the cutting cycle for maximal weight loss because of its excellent fat-burning qualities.

Salbutamol does not require post-cycle therapy and has no deadly side effects as it is not a steroid.

It is sold and shipped by SteroidFax all over the world. The 100-tab package costs $70.


·       For bodybuilder's weightlifting aims, it provides outstanding results with intensive training combined with a calorie deficit diet.

·       It is well-known for increasing athletic performance and for helping users develop and increase muscle strength.

·       It boosts the body's metabolic rate.

·       It aids in the preservation of muscular mass and bodily strength.

·       It also has the effect of suppressing appetite.

·       It does not cause any testosterone suppression.

·       It increases the oxygenation and blood flow.


A daily dose of 20mg/tab is recommended for beginners. While a daily dose of 120 to 160 mg of Salbutamol is recommended for professional bodybuilders. However, you should seek the guidance of a physician who can help you determine your appropriate dosage. Tolerance levels and blood tests are the most important factors in determining your appropriate dosage. This medicine should be taken with caution, and you should give two weeks of rest following two weeks of cycling.

Salbutamol may not be good for you if you have an underlying disease. Before beginning the Salbutamol cycle, talk to your doctor.

Package 100 tabs (10 mg/tab)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Salbutamol

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