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Trenbolone Acetate 50mg, Trenbolone Enanthate 50mg, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50mg are the three trenbolone esters in TriTren. It is accessible in 10 mL vial packaging.

Trenbolone has been used in the medical field for muscle growth and hunger stimulation in cattle. It has been a popular option among bodybuilders and athletes for their steroid cycles due to its muscle-building characteristics and longer-lasting benefits.

It's important to remember that TriTren is a fairly potent medicine, so it's important to keep track of how much you're taking. Consider post-cycle therapy required after a TriTren cycle to avoid any chance of negative effects. Furthermore, engaging an expert or a coach will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your specific body requirements.

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·       It increases fat burning.

·       Cortisol levels are reduced.

·       Growth hormone is secreted as a result of it.

·       It does not aromatize.

·       In a short amount of time, it causes an increase in muscle growth and strength.

·       It aids in the oxygenation of the body.

·       It boosts muscular endurance and power levels.

·       Vascularity is increased by removing excess water weight.

·       It increases protein synthesis, allowing your body to use more of the nutrients it has absorbed.

·       It causes muscle fibers to expand, providing muscles the ability to grow larger.

·       It promotes the production of free testosterone in the body.


TriTren is prescribed at a weekly dose of 200mg. This dose can be adjusted based on the users' tolerance levels and the other steroids in the cycle. Many users, however, believe that a weekly dosage of at least 150mg is required for noticeable benefits. If you've developed a tolerance for that dose, gradually raise it to 250mg per week, or as suggested by your coach. Because TriTren is such a potent medication, speak with a professional who can advise you based on your unique circumstances, and never go longer than 8 weeks on a TriTren cycle.

You'll need to return to PCT when your steroid cycle is finished to store the natural hormone production.

Package 10 mL vial (150 mg/mL)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Trenbolones Blend

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