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Humatrope 72 IU Pen by Lilly: How It’ll Benefit You

Learning the benefits of HGH is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of using anabolic substances in general, and you’re going to need to get clued up fast if you’re serious about entering this world.

This humatrope pen could provide the key to unlocking your genetic potential and creating an Olympian like appearance - it’s all down to you and how effectively you’re going to use it as part of your cycle.

Read through this article and digest every nugget of information you find before you take the leap and grab this product - if you use it according to the guidelines laid out here; this could genuinely prove to be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made.

What is Humatrope Used For?

You’re at a stage where you’re seriously looking into buying humatrope; as such, it’s important that you fully understand the benefits it has to offer you so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth the asking price.

Consider this; there isn’t one element of muscle growth, cell regeneration or general anabolic activity that doesn’t utilise human growth hormone. In fact, HGH is absolutely necessary for any of these elements of your aesthetic progression to take place.

Some people choose to use testosterone on its own as a growth agent, but all test really does is serve as a vital component for “unlocking” GH release within the body - it’s a precursor agent of sorts.

As such, can you imagine what giving your body a surge of this hormone on its own is going to do for you? Well, if you can’t imagine it - the benefits will look a little like this:

  • A dramatically improved ability to grow and repair muscle cells
  • Improvement in the functionality of the limbs specifically in relation to their ability to bear heavy loads and repair themselves for future training sessions
  • Improvement in overall skin tone and reduction in scar tissue (thus assisting the aesthetic appearance of the body in general)
  • A sense of general “wellness” and improved overall functionality of the body

There isn’t one element of your results that a humatrope pen by Lilly can’t positively impact - growth is one of the most reliable and low-risk substances out there, and this is undoubtedly why it has been in such widespread use since it’s inception into the weightlifting and athletic universe.

Buy Humatrope 72 IU Online

You can buy humatrope 72 iu with relative ease by performing a quick internet search, but this is often where any would be anabolic “cycler” begins what can often turn out to be a perilous and stressful journey.

You’re going to be faced with an endless number of websites claiming to sell you the “real deal” and providing you with everything you need to get lightning fast results; this is hardly ever the case, though.

You could buy a humatrope pen from safe in the knowledge that it’s going to deliver 110% of the results you’re looking for, or you could buy one from another random website that looks similar - in the latter scenario, your chances of facing adverse side effects and potentially wasting your money are going to be high. If you’d have gone with the former, you’d never look back.

Not all products are created equal, and we only source from the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that your health and results are at their optimum levels at all times.

Don’t just purchase humatrope online, purchase the best humatrope on the Internet at steroidsfax; this is the only way to guarantee your money isn’t going to be completely wasted.

Side Efects of Humatrope Injection

It’s not all fun and games sadly - there are some potentially negative manifestations that you’ll have to look out for whilst using humatrope. Never make the mistake of assuming by default that none of them will occur.

Potential Lilly humatrope side effects include:

  • General discomfort in the stomach area and feeling sick
  • Randomly swollen limbs and sometimes a swelling in the face area
  • Sore and uncomfortable injections sites that can occasionally lead to rashes and general irritation / pain in the area
  • Drowsiness and shortness of breath
  • Sporadic head pains and painful limbs / joints

Humatrope 72 iu products are in no way considered to be high risk, and should any of the more serious issues listed above present themselves it would likely be due to an underlying medical condition or if you had exceeded the maximum dosage for your level of experience.

It is recommended that a beginner takes no more than 3 iu per day, and someone with more experience takes no more than 6 iu per day - higher doses do get ingested by pro bodybuilders, but this is done so entirely at their own risk and goes against safe practice.

You need to watch the relevant tutorials in regards to how to use your humatrope pen safely as a bare minimum before making a purchase too.

How to Order Humatrope & How Much Does it Cost at

Provided you’ve read through the above information and thoroughly digested it - it’s now time for you to order your humatrope 72 iu pen.

Simply head to and type “humatrope” into the search bar at the top of the page - this will yield the product you’re looking for, and it’s then a simple case of adding it to your basket and processing payment via the method that works best for you.

You shouldn’t buy humatrope online lightly, and when you shop with us you’re going to get the safest product available discretely delivered for your convenience; after that, all you have to think about is the amazing results you have to look forward to.

Package 1 vial (72 iu (24 mg)/vial)
Manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company
Substance Somatropin
Common name HGH Humatrope

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