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Manufactured by Para Pharma, HGH Paratropin 100 IU is simply a human growth hormone. It is also known as some other names among them Somatotropin is the most famous one and is regarded as the common name of Paratropin. It is mainly used for delayed or restricted growth treatments. 

You can buy it from Steroidsfax. It will provide you with an international delivery system without creating any legal issues for you. It is available in 10 IU vials. You can buy many vials at the same time, as there are no maximum limits to buy steroids at Steroidsfax. But make sure that you are not buying more than their stack.


Following are the benefits of Para Pharma HGH Paratropin 100 IU.

  • It can increase the protein synthesis rate in the body. This high rate will definitely result in a high amount of proteins in the body. The extra proteins will work to recover the broken fibers of your muscles that take place in the gym. This will increase muscle mass.

  • As it is going to add more and more proteins, so many other hormones and antibodies can be formed inside the body. This results in increased stamina and power. 

  •  It has the ability to burn fat molecules that you have gained by eating every day. This makes it a double-edged weapon and that can be used to gain muscles and burn fats at the same time.


The cycle is one of the most extended cycles of steroids. It might exceed from 6 weeks to 24 weeks. For expert users, it is suggested that they can take 1 II to 6 IU per day. Those who are new should use the possible little amount of it and observe the tolerance before using it regularly. It can be administered either in muscles or into the stomach. 


The Pharmatropin 100iu price depends on the steroid store you choose, the manufacturers, and a number of vials. If you buy Pharma tropin from a physical retailer or your local guy, it will cost quite higher than online stores. 

You can buy Pharmatropin HGH 10 vial from SteroidsFAX, a renowned online steroid store, for $310 only.

Best Place To Get Legit HGH Para Tropin? 

Professional bodybuilders always recommend buying Paratropin from online stores as they are more reliable and economical than physical retailers. To ensure you are choosing a credible online steroid store like SteroidsFAX, you can check Paratropina 100iu reviews and ratings by other clients.
Package 10 vials (10iu/vial)
Manufacturer Para Pharma
Substance Human Growth Hormone
Common name HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Somatotropin

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