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Para pharma primo is the vial for muscular injection. It comes with 200mg/ml of Methenolone as an active ingredient. Currently, the main purpose of using this injectable is for the building of muscles. The anabolic steroid increases the strength of muscles prevents wastage of muscles and enhances physical performance. Long-acting anabolic steroid is not only good for men but women can also use these steroids to strengthen their muscle power. Moreover, you can also treat underweight children through this medicine. It is ideal for the treatment of premature infants, sarcopenia, and osteoporosis.


One of the female-friendly anabolic steroids is available in the market with a low virilization rate. It means women can take it safely without fear of having liver intoxication. Certain benefits that make it a useful product are given below

  • Researchers have revealed that methenolone has potency less than other competitive agents. It causes less inhibition than testosterone. It is because methenolone does not convert into DHT that causes low Central nervous system activity. The mild anabolic steroid does not convert estrogen or trigger breast enlargement in men.

  • One more advantage of this injection is the improvement in active and total testosterone in the body. It promotes the sex hormone-binding globulin and luteinizing hormones. Both these improve the reproduction system.

  • Most people show concern in taking such agents because of side effects but good news about the methenolone Para Pharma is hat there is less or no side effect/. On taking dosage with the care you will find no liver in toxicity. Mood swings, higher voice, or shrunken testicles.

  • Para Pharma has performance-enhancing effects that last for months. These protect your lean muscles from wastage, improve fat burning and help in the maintenance of muscle gain. Furthermore, it strengthens muscle-building capabilities and improved muscle recovery.

  • One can take Para Pharma injection with care to meet the bodybuilding task as well as to improve fat burning and metabolism of the body.


  • Methenolone acetate ester is given through muscle. The dose is 200 to 400mg per weak and it's 25mg to 50mg per day.

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