T3 Abdi ibrahim 25mcg (100Tabs)

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T3 cytomel Abdi ibrahim 25mcg (100Tabs)

What is Cytomel T3 (Liothyronine Sodium)?

Cytomel T3 is a thyroid hormone that comes in tablet form and is administered orally. It is manufactured in a synthetic way but it is very close to the natural T3, also called triiodothyronine, that is secreted by the thyroid. Originally, 25 mcg of T3 pills are medications used to treat people with hypothyroidism, in order to help compensate for the low production of natural hormones.
In bodybuilding, we also utilize the cytomel in order to lose weight. Indeed, the athletes have noticed that this product allows increasing the phenomenon of lipolysis: it boosts fat burning, without any diet and without having to deplore loss of their muscular mass. So it has become a habit for a lot of bodybuilders to take it when they aim at building more lean muscle mass, often in combination with other products. Taken together with Dianabol, or Anadrol, cytomel is incredibly effective as part of the cure. It works better in the drying-out phase with Winstrol, testosterone, or Primobolan. And for culturists who want to lose a lot of weight, they have to take it with Clenbuterol.


Uses and Positive Effects of T3 Pills


Several protocols can be followed when taking T3 pills. As the half-life of the T3 is 2 days, some bodybuilders like taking a daily dosage of 2 or 3 pills of 25mcg during the meals.
Administrating the daily dose in one time in the morning is the most efficient method when you want to lose fat.
In order to be able to tame adverse effects and see how your organism reacts, you can also start with a dosage of 25mcg per day and gradually increase the dose every 6 days. 
Unlike anabolic steroids that maintain a positive nitrogen balance to promote the protein synthesis, T3 accelerates their degradation when they are too abundant (which is called negative ionic balance).
As it is ideal to take it during the drying-out phases, bodybuilders also use cytomel T3 to lose fat: by accelerating the degradation of glucose and cholesterol, the hormone has the effect of rising the lipolysis effect and, as a consequence, the carburation of fat. T3 also increases body thermogenesis. With a rising temperature, you sweat more and, as a consequence, evacuate more. That is why so many culturists use cytomel for weight loss.
On top on that, taking T3 drastically rises the content of this hormone in your organism, which increases the anabolism and your production of human growth hormone.


Cytomel Dosage

The T3 dose depends mostly on the athlete’s use and proficiency, but in any case, the product is more efficient when it is taken in the morning on an empty stomach. If your goal is to lose some fat, it is possible for you to buy T3 tablets and take 12.5mcg, a half-tablet, of 25mcg, or a whole tablet each day. On the other hand, if you want to lose a lot of fat and enjoy the effects of catabolism brought by the hormone, you need to increase the daily cytomel T3 dosage to 50 or 75 mcg, which is the equivalent of two to three tablets of T3 25 mcg per day. With such a quantity, the T3 must be combined with the use of an anabolic. In any case, it is better to avoid exceeding 100 mcg per day: beyond this limit, the anabolic power of the thyroid hormone is transformed into a real catalyst and it is necessary to increase even more the amount of steroids to prevent losing muscles. Given the fact that the cure lasts for 8 to 12 weeks, it is interesting to buy it in large quantities in order to get the cytomel T3 at a reasonable price.


Cytomel T3 Cycle

To be effective in bodybuilding, cytomel T3 tablets must be combined with testosterone or anabolic steroids. Indeed, the pairing of both products helps promote anabolism: taken together, steroids and cytomel promote the optimization of the nutrients use by the organism, the T3 helping naturally the anabolic power of the anabolic products and also the metabolism. And the higher the dose of T3 cytomel you take, the higher the amount of testosterone or steroids must be raised to protect the muscle tissue. For experienced bodybuilders, another way to boost the cycle is to combine it with a GH or insulin cure. However, it is during the drying-out phase that T3 cycle remains the most used: beginners can combine it with Clenbuterol, in order to make the two products operate in synergy and drop the fat mass significantly. Needless to say that it is of course highly recommended to adapt the T3 cycle dosage based on the athlete’s goals and experience.  

Package 100 tablets (25 mcg/tablet)
Manufacturer Abdi Ibrahim
Substance Liothyronine
Common name Cytomel T3

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