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MR-PHARMA Testosterone PhenylPropionate 150mg/ml

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Test Phenylpropionate - What Makes it Unique?

It’s always going to get a little confusing when shopping for popular substances like testosterone due to the sheer number of different varieties available on the market.

What you need to keep in mind is that these varieties do indeed differ from one another, despite the fact that they may appear identical on the surface. It’s not typically the case that they possess entirely different independent traits; it’s more that they’re all engineered to provide more or less convenience for the user depending on their administration preferences.

Test phenylpropionate is one such example of a “convenient” alternative to the vast array of test products out there - let’s take a closer look at its structure and why you should consider using it.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate: Basic Info

So, with the sheer quantity of test-based products out there why choose testosterone phenylpropionate 150 ampules over some of the others? It’s an incredibly good question and warrants some serious consideration.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the primary benefits that products within this niche have to offer on the whole:

  • Safe to stack with other compounds for advanced users
  • One of the only anabolic agents that can be used entirely on its own
  • It will help to accelerate the growth of lean tissue
  • It will help to promote adequate recovery within a short time frame
  • Will boost and protect strength levels when used appropriately

With such a range of effective benefits on offer, this is obviously a substance that warrants some serious attention - but you could generally say the same for any of the testosterone varieties out there.

When looking a little deeper into the world of products within this niche, you’re going to find that the manner in which they are all produced is going to dramatically affect how long they stay in your system and therefore dictate differentiating injection regularity.

Typically, you’ve got short-range products that are fast acting but require regular dosing, and you’ve got long-range products at the other end of the spectrum that last longer in the system but are also considered to be “milder.” This one sits slap bang in the middle, offering a hybrid of both worlds.

Where this could be hugely beneficial is for any user who wants to take a “staged” step into the shorter acting but arguably more powerful test agents - it’s a natural progressive step and will allow the body to get “used” to the process. It could also be ideal for anyone who simply wants to try and maximize the benefits of both ends of the spectrum.

Dosage of Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Testosterone phenylpropionate dosage varies depending entirely on your experience with using anabolic compounds - you’re going to need to take the minimum recommended limit very seriously if you haven’t used testosterone before, or if you’re completely new to this kind of thing in general.

As we’ll soon discuss, bad things can happen whilst on cycle - though these elements occurring is wholly unlikely unless you completely ignore the guidelines mentioned in this section.

A minimum dose to achieve positive benefit sits in the 100mg range, and the upper case limit sits at 400 mg. Regardless of your dosage quantity, you’re going to need to split your injection into two separate parts in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

Some people like to split their phenylpropionate dose into three injections spread across the week, though it could be argued that the user may as well simply choose a faster-acting compound under the circumstances.

Testosterone phenylpropionate 150 lasts for a period of 3-4 days within the system, thus making a dual injection administration both effective and safe for the user.

Test Phenylpropionate vs. Propionate: What to Choose?

In regards to whether or not you should even bother with testing phenylpropionate over its more popular propionate brother, the truth is that the two are largely interchangeable with very little noticeable difference (especially for a first-time user.)

Where the differences between the two may be beneficial is during an advanced phase cycle by an advanced user - such small differences become a vital component at this level as they genuinely can make an enormous difference in regards to the user’s results.

Testosterone phenylpropionate is theorized to have an increased potency of roughly 20% by some users (and hey, if this turns out to be the case for you then power to you!) over the standard propionate form, and there is, of course, the benefit of a slightly less frequent administration being required (in theory at least.)

These benefits may make it worth it for you, though in truth either form is going to work owing to the fact that testosterone is an unquestionably effective steroid on the whole due to its thoroughly tried and tested nature.

Side Effects

One awesome element of using this product is that the side effects of test phenylpropionate are genuinely unlikely to occur provided you’re sensible whilst using it - this isn’t a “harsh” substance that’s going to leave you in need of all manner of extra supplementation to fix any potential adverse effects; it’s largely safe and not far off being risk-free.

With that said, it is a powerful androgenic compound, and any would-be testosterone phenylpropionate user shouldn’t take it lightly whatsoever. Safety is your only guarantee for a stress-free (or near stress-free) cycle.

Look out for the following potential effects:

  • Hair loss over the course of the entire body
  • An inability to relax sufficiently or fall to sleep
  • Potentially nasty skin blemishes
  • Loss or regression of natural testosterone production capacity
  • Potential for the development of baldness

As you can see, some of these testosterone side effects are quite low-key, whereas others are pretty distressing. Whether or not you see any of them come to fruition is going to be all about you taking the dosing guidelines mentioned above seriously.

Don’t think for one minute that because it’s a fairly mild substance that means that you’ll get away with not using any cycle treatment - you should at the very least use an estrogen suppressor and ensure you supplement appropriately post-cycle to raise your natural production of testosterone again.

All things considered - this is a largely safe and certainly effective compound that’s going to be highly beneficial for pretty much any user either at a beginner or advanced level.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone Phenylpropionate 150 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Hydrocinnamate

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