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Since it is not considered as a doping plant, its is very simple to buy Tribulus Terrestris. Indeed, we can easily find it in pharmacy or on the Internet. However, it is highly recommended for bodybuilders, who use it in relatively large doses, to obtain gokshura from a regularly controlled laboratory specialized in the manufacture of pills and injections for bodybuilding, like the capsules are ideally dosed for the use they are intended to. In addition, on our website, you not only have the assurance of obtaining the highest quality of Tribulus at the best price, but you also have the guarantee of a manufacture carried out in the rules of the art and in respect of strict rules of hygiene imposed for approved laboratories. On top of that, you can find way more products on our website than Tribulus Terrestris only.



Tribulus Benefits And How It Works in Bodybuilding?

For years, bodybuilders have been using Tribulus supplement to enhance their performance, build their body, lower their total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, and rise their quantity of testosterone. In addition to improved libido, this other effect of the plant induces greater sperm volume and sperm concentration, and is an effective remedy for men with testicular atrophy.

In some users, there is also an augmentation in LH, luteinizing hormone, and a decrease in estrogen levels.
Researches have proved that gokshura by Himalaya

helps decreasing the symptoms of angina pectoris and treating sexual problems such as infertility in some cases.
Another advantage to purchase Tribulus is that it increases the effect of steroids on the body, transforms fat and cholesterol into energy, improves the synthesis of proteins and accelerates recovery after muscle exertion.

For bodybuilders, the recommended dosage of the plant is generally between 500 mg and 1.5 gr, one to two capsules per day for 20 to 30 days. On a cure of 3 weeks total, you can administrate it for 2 weeks and stop the last week. Regardless of the quantity of Tribulus Terrestris taken, the intake of the pills should in no case exceed one month.
However, the product seems to provide the best effects when combined with other supplements or plants: you can indeed take it in stack with Maca, Ginseng or ZMA. This association makes it possible in particular to fight against deficiencies in magnesium or zinc, which can cause a decrease in the rate of anabolic hormones.
Unlike other stimulants for testosterone, the product does not prevent sleep and can safely be taken in the evening or at bedtime. This is especially the best moment to take it when combined with ZMA, the latter helping to improve sleep in general.
Some users have found better results on their strength and endurance by taking it just before workouts.


Possible Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris

Generally, no Tribulus side effects are felt when the plant is taken during short periods of time and when the user is in good health. No interaction with another plant or supplement has been observed.
The most common side effects are an increase in irritability and nervousness, a decrease in sleep, which are related to the increase in testosterone.
However, in particular circumstances, more severe negative effects of Tribulus Terrestris from Himalaya can be observed. In people who are subject to diabetes treatment, for example, taking these pills can lower their blood glucose levels to dangerously low levels.
As it can interact with drugs, it is also strongly inadvisable to people, who take a treatment for blood pressure or heart, calcium channel blockers, diuretics or nitrates, to use this plant.
In rare cases, taking the product may present a risk of injury to the eye, liver or negative effects on the prostate, but this mainly concerns subjects who have taken too large doses of the product or continued to take it beyond the advised duration. It is also useful to know where to buy Tribulus Terrestris: in a reliable lab, so that you can be assured to get the right dosage.


How to Purchase Gokshura via Website?

Getting gokshura on our website is very easy. You just have to write gokshura or Tribulus into the search bar, add to cart the number of items you need and do the same way for the other products you would like to purchase. If you only buy Tribulus Terrestris, you can then checkout. You will have to open an account for the first order with us, otherwise if you are a returning client, you simply need to enter your e-mail and password and choose the payment method: Western Union, Wire transfer or Bitcoin. Once you have paid, you need to fill out the payment information, so we can send out the package of Tribulus in a discreet package within 24 to 48 hours on a business day. The delivery time is between 4 to 15 days, depending on where you live. And if the order is lost or damaged, it is covered by our reshipping policy.

Package 60 capsules
Manufacturer Himalaya Herbal
Substance Gokshura
Common name Tribulus Terrestris

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