The relationship between steroids and bodybuilding is not something that is hidden from the world. Everyone even children of ages 7 or above knows that steroids are mandatory to develop strong and hardcore muscles. It never means that you cannot get your desired body shape without steroids. This too is possible but only to a limited extent. You will observe some results at the start but after certain limits, you need to take steroids for further growth of muscles. 


The results without steroids will be slow and not that persistent. You have to work out hard every day to maintain muscles. On the other hand, steroids will help you to achieve desired muscles in short durations. These muscles will be more persistent but proper training is also required for their maintenance. Among different steroids, testosterone is ranked one. All of you are aware of the fact that different steroids perform their activity by raising testosterone levels. 


The results will be more excellent when you take testosterone directly. For that purpose, you can never find something better than Testosterone Propionate. This steroid is a derivative of the original version of testosterone. It is also used for the treatment of several diseases as well. However, its services in the field of bodybuilding are unmatchable. 


It is one of the most potent steroids that are suitable for beginners as well. You must have heard its name more than once if you have ever been around the gym. You must have complete knowledge of this steroid before using it. Don’t you have any idea about Testosterone Propionate? Let your worries go off as we will tell you what you need to know about this steroid. Without wasting a minute, let’s begin the guide. Click here to know about HGH ParaTropin 100iu

History of Testosterone Propionate

It is one of the primary steroids manufactured in the laboratory. 1936 was the year when this potent steroid is discovered. After a year, in 1937 it was used in the medical field. You can estimate the popularity of this steroid at that time by the fact that Testosterone Propionate was the first testosterone ester that was marketed for medical purposes.

This steroid served the medical field for around 2 decades and then its use started reducing. The primary reason behind this was the introduction of other testosterone esters. that can last longer in the body. However, its use in the bodybuilding and fitness training worlds started getting popular with every passing day.

Manufacturers of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is manufactured by several pharmaceutical industries. Those industries which are not well known for steroids manufacture this one. The reason is its wide use in the medical field for treating several deadly diseases like cancer. However, the most reliable manufacturers of Testosterone Propionate are Valkyrie Pharma, Para Pharma, Dragon Pharma, and Alpha Pharma. 


All these companies are well known for producing high-quality steroids. Steroids were prepared in modern units equipped with the latest technology. Steroids were tested in high-tech labs after manufacturing. Steroids are released in the market after proper testing and confirmation that they are not dangerous to health.

Is Testosterone Propionate Oral or Injectable?

Testosterone is an injectable steroid. Being a beginner you may not want to take injectable steroids as you have to visit an expert every time you need to get it injected. However, various benefits are associated with it. These benefits will make you forget the fear of needles. Furthermore, it will act directly on the desired muscle group. Being injectable, it won’t have to wait much to begin its functioning. Risks of side effects are also minimal because injectable steroids can bypass the liver. 


Precaution: Don’t try to inject yourself on your own if you are not an expert. Injecting it in the wrong place can be harmful to you. Visit a nearby medical center to get it injected or get assistance from some expert users. Click here to learn about PARA PHARMA LONG STACK 300mg/ml

Uses of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is often used in injectable form as it is more beneficial and potent. It is used in the medical field for treating several sexual disorders in both males and females. The use of this steroid for treating breast cancer can never be ignored. However, the thing that makes it so popular is its use by bodybuilders. It is also used as a major drug in testosterone therapies for treating several issues.


Working Mechanism of  Testosterone Propionate

This steroid is not a magical substance that will start building your muscles soon after entering and adjusting to your body. You have to work out regularly along with a proper diet to achieve the maximum results of using this steroid. Like all other steroids, Testosterone Propionate too has a proper mechanism behind its working. There are two main mechanisms of this steroid's working. 


The 1st mechanism involves the activation of androgen receptors and the second mechanism involves the activation of estrogenic receptors. These receptors are present in the cytoplasm of cells of your targeted muscles. Soon after the entrance of testosterone into the cytoplasm, it will bind to the adrenergic receptors. As a result, the amount of testosterone will rise in the body and you will start getting some quick results. 


There is another possibility as well. In some cases, the testosterone will be reduced after entering the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm in human bodies has an enzyme called cytoplasmic reductase to 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone. This will lead to the introduction of estrogenic activities in the body. 

Benefits of Taking Testosterone Propionate

You can never take a complete cycle of steroids without knowing its benefits. You need a strong motivation to cycle and maintain proper workouts and diet. And what else can motivate you more than knowing the benefits of taking a steroid? Following are some of the key benefits of using this steroid. 

Medical Benefits

The purpose of this medicine is to cure a number of diseases. Following are the key medical benefits of this steroid. 


•     Sexual disorders in men such as delayed puberty and underdevelopment of testicles are treated by this steroid. Low hormonal levels and an abundance of sexual desires are also cured by specific dosages of Testosterone Propionate. 


•     Sexual disorders in females are also treated by this steroid. Menopause at an early age and lack of feminine characteristics are the top listed disorders solved by Test Prop. 


•     Hypogonadism and breast cancer are also treatable by the use of this steroid. 

Increasing Muscle Mass

The most vital benefit of Testosterone Propionate in the field of bodybuilding is its ability to add lean muscles. The process is quite quick as you will have more than 20 lbs. of lean muscles just after the first cycle. Muscles earned by this steroid will be pure lean mass without any fats or water retention. 

Decrease Body Fat Percentage

Testosterone Propionate is like a double-edged weapon in the world of bodybuilding. Along with adding a considerable amount of lean muscles, it decreases body fat as well. You can stack it with some cutting steroids to gain maximum results. It will give you some unexpected results. You will lose fat at a quicker pace. Furthermore, it will protect your muscles by adding some lean mass to them. This property makes it the most reliable steroid to stack with some cutting hormones. 

Stronger Bones

What if your bones remain vulnerable and you keep on adding more and more muscles to them? It will increase the risk of injuries. However, Testosterone Propionate will protect you from this problem by strengthening your bones. It will increase the mineral density of your bones. Several minerals, especially calcium, will increase in concentration and make bones robust. 


Medical research has shown that the reason behind this increased mineral density of bones is a high concentration of testosterone. These stronger bones assist you in supporting your heavy muscle groups. Furthermore, these bones also have a protective function. They protect internal organs in case you put extra tension on them. 

Improvements in Behaviors

A high level of testosterone in the body by the use of this steroid will have some good impacts on your behavior. You will feel more energetic and a better mood will reflect it as well. You will remain motivated toward your goals. Furthermore, you will observe some unexpected changes in your memory. You will start remembering some old things and it will be easy for you to learn new things. This ability of Testosterone also makes its scope in the treatment of some behavioral issues. Research has shown that Testosterone Propionate has some anti-depression activity as well. 

High Concentration of RBCs

Red blood cells are prepared by the bone marrow. Their healthy concentration in the body is required for proper functioning. During the Testosterone Propionate cycle, your bones get stronger due to improved density. It will lead to the production of a high number of RBCs. As a result, their concentration rises in the body. 


It assists you in maintaining the cardiovascular conditions of your body. You will observe better cardiac health than ever. Furthermore, these RBCs are responsible for muscle development as well. They will carry more oxygen and other nutrients to different muscles. It will cause better growth and development of your muscles. It will also assist your muscles to recover quickly when you break their fibers during workouts. 

Improved Body Performance

When you are taking Testosterone Propionate your overall body performance will be improved. The reasons behind this are your stronger bones, high-quality muscles, low body fat, and improved behavior. And all these things are achieved by the use of Testosterone Propionate. Many athletes and sportspersons take this steroid to perform better than normal routines. Furthermore, it also allows bodybuilders to perform beyond their normal strength. You can observe it during workouts in the gym. Lifting heavy weights and performing intense workouts will be easier for you. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This therapy is often abbreviated as TRT. It is one of the most effective therapies for individuals with low testosterone levels. Testosterone Propionate can be used for TRT. Bodybuilders and athletes who are dealing with low testosterone levels can take it to boost their testosterone levels.

TRT by using this potent steroid is very helpful for bodybuilders. It helps them in gaining muscles and improving their mood. It also enables them to perform high-intensity workouts in the gym and improve their athletic performance.

Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate

The abundance of anything will be harmful to you and leave some serious impacts on your health. Usually, Testosterone Propionate has no major side effects. But abusing it will cause some to your body. These side effects can be mild or chronic depending upon the level of misuse. 


•     Some mild side effects include acne, hair fall, and enlargement of breasts. 

•     Diarrhea, leg pain, headache, and dizziness are also mild side effects. This will result in increased concentration for a few days.

•     If taken in an excessive amount for a long duration, you will observe high fluctuations in your mood. Your mood will become aggressive and you will start losing your temperament. 

•     Fluid retention can also take place. This will also result in excessive urination throughout the day.

•     If you take it more than your normal cycle duration, you can observe pain at the injection site. 

Dosage of Testosterone Propionate

The dosage of Testosterone Propionate must be kept very precise to avoid any of the above-mentioned side effects. The average length of the cycle is 8 weeks. After that, you need to take a break of more than a month before starting a new cycle. For beginners, per day dosage must be kept at 50 mg. The ideal way is to take 100 mg every other day. If you are an intermediate user, you can take 150 mg of this steroid every other day. However, the duration must not exceed 8 weeks. 


For expert users, the duration can be increased up to 10 weeks. You have to take 200 mg every other day. You can stack it with other steroids as well. However, it is not suitable for beginners to stack this steroid with any cutting or bulking supplement. This can cause some side effects as your body will fail to tolerate more than one steroid at a time. Never increase the dosage at any level of your bodybuilding career. Otherwise, you will have side effects. 

Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate?

Buying any steroid without a doctor's prescription is a difficult task. You may have to face legal restrictions as their use is prohibited for bodybuilding in almost every country. The best way is to get it online. However, ordering it online is not that easy as you have to hunt for a reputable store to avoid any scams. 


To avoid any scams, you can order it online from SteroidsFax. It is one of the most reputable online stores that will deliver the product to your doorstep. Furthermore, you will not have to face any legal issues as the store will deliver your parcel with complete secrecy. You will get a 100 percent original version of Testosterone Propionate from SteroidsFax. You will get relatively better prices at this store.