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HCG – Pregnyl: What It’ll Do For You

As cycle therapy goes, pregnyl is a pretty potent substance that any inexperienced user would do well to steer clear of – this is purely for seasoned anabolic veterans who have very specific testosterone needs to fulfil whilst on cycle.

Pregnyl 10000 I.U. ampules are sourced from the urine of pregnant women and were actually first developed to help women get pregnant should they be suffering from fertility issues – when used on a male, HCG causes the testicles to produce high levels of testosterone.

Pregnyl differs from many of the typical cycle treatments due to it requiring administration by injection as opposed to being taken orally – as such, many novice anabolic steroid users tend to stay away from it, and on the whole, it is one of the lesser-known therapeutic offerings available.

Buy HCG Pregnyl 10000 I.I. Injection Online

We need to clear one thing up with immediate effect – HCG pregnyl is not in any way to be taken lightly. Before you buy pregnyl HCG online, it’s incredibly important that you read through to the end of this article and fully educate yourself on the ins and outs of taking it safely.

Pregnyl 10000 I.U. ampules can be found in abundance online – when shopping for cycle treatments and anabolics in general –  you’re facing a minefield of potentially dangerous concoctions when delving into the deep realms of the Internet.

Though taking anything via oral administration is risky in itself due to the potential damage you could cause your liver (this is at the best of times as well, let alone when your product is contaminated), injecting anything impure is a huge risk, too as it could lead to many detrimental side effects taking place.

You’ve got to shop responsibly by using a trusted retailer like to ensure your total safety at all times and protect your health – you’ve also got to consider that using anything less than you’re specifically looking for isn’t going to result in the effect you need to create in the body. comes packed with existing customer testimonials for your total piece of mind and your total satisfaction is always going to be their main priority at all times.

How to Restore Testosterone Levels with Pregnyl

HCG pregnyl is used primarily by experienced bodybuilders who are going through an advanced cycle leaving them exposed to anabolic substances for prolonged periods of time – this can actually diminish their natural testosterone production, and a “kick-start” is needed late on in the cycle to bring levels back up to normal.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) 10000 I.U. ampules have become common amongst the bodybuilding elite as a direct and reliable source for delivering an immediate testosterone surge when it is needed the most.

As well as being used for testosterone regeneration towards the latter end of long cycles, HCG is also used during incredibly “potent” cycles of the type you would never normally see anyone other than either a pro or top level / highly seasoned bodybuilder using – these kinds of anabolic stacks would simply be too powerful for anyone else and could lead to immensely detrimental health effects taking place.

Don’t rush to buy pregnyl 10000 until you have at least read through the side effects a little further on in this article. You’re probably already aware by now that pregnyl isn’t the easiest of substances to get on with, but you’ve got to ensure you’re aware of the full risks involved with taking it.

HCG Pregnyl Cycle Options

Your cycle options with HGC should be based on tried and tested methods for using pregnyl. Most people choose to use it towards the latter end of a particularly brutal cycle (during the last 3-4 weeks) and this is perhaps where it is best placed.

When you purchase human chorionic gonadotropin be sure that you’re buying it for the right reasons as some people opt to use HCG for post-cycle therapy solely instead of taking it as an active part of their cycle support arsenal. This really isn’t where it is best placed.

Though it has to be said that taking nothing at all post cycle would be completely idiotic, you should really turn to something like nolvadex for a safer, tried and tested post cycle testosterone booster. Should you rely on pregnyl, you may actually completely diminish your production of natural testosterone in the process.

There is plenty of HCG pregnyl for sale online, and this is where we come to the most relevant area in regards to your cycle options. Simply put, the best cycle option is always going to be choosing a safe cycle option, and in order to do that, you’ll need to head to to ensure total quality control from the beginning to end of your buying process.

Don’t buy HCG online from anywhere else or you’ll be putting your health at serious risk.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Dosages

As always, when considering pregnyl’s cost, you should seriously consider the cost to your health should you choose to disobey dosage guidelines, as with any other oral or injectable compound you ingest.

Order HCG pregnyl online along with some sterile needles and ensure you have thoroughly researched how to properly prepare pregnyl for use. This isn’t a simple case of purchasing your product then “shooting up” with the required dosage, pregnyl is more complicated than that.

You’re going to receive a sterile solution, and a powder – you essentially need to mix the powder with the solution in order to create the desired dosage yourself. Typically, most users will inject an absolute maximum of 1000 I.U. in one sitting (with the minimum being around 500) and you can view a safety video on showcasing how to properly mix your pregnyl before injecting.

HCG Injection Frequency

Typically, you should either run 500 I.U. every three days, or 1000 I.U. once per week towards the end of your cycle to refresh your testosterone supply.

Dosages and frequencies any higher than this are risky (though this will depend on your body type, tolerances and experience etc).

What if I Miss a Dose?

When you order pregnyl online you have a responsibility to ensure that you strictly adhere to dosage guidelines – not doing so could potentially be incredibly dangerous to your health.

Should you ignore these guidelines and miss a dose, you’re going to have a couple of options at your disposal in order to hopefully resolve the issue and get everything back to normal again.

As ever, should you have missed a dose, you need to ask yourself when your dose was due, and how far out you are from that period at the moment.

If it's still the same day, but you simply missed the time slot, then you’ll be absolutely safe to take your dose today as normal and continue with your cycle.

However, if you are either one or more days ahead of your dosage date, you need to contact a medical professional for advice. Explain clearly and concisely what has happened, and your purpose for using HCG, and they will advise you on what to do next.

Do not, under any circumstances use online forums for guidance on what should and should not be done under these circumstances. Only a qualified medical professional will suffice.

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Do yourself a favour and completely remove the risk associated with buying anabolic products and cycle treatments by shopping here – it’s the only sensible choice to make if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder or even a novice who values their health.

Now that you’re fully aware of the benefits and potential detriments to HCG usage, you should now be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right cycle treatment for you.

Package 2 HCG vials (5000 iu/vial) + 1 vial of bacteriostatic water
Manufacturer Organon
Substance Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Common name HCG, Pregnyl

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