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Dragon Pharma Accutane is one of the top ranked products by Dragon Pharma. It is an oral steroid that contains Isotretinoin as the active substance in it and is sold under various brand names. Dragon pharma has been manufacturing it for a long time and it's available at every online drug store that is affiliated with Dragon Pharma.


Steroidsfax is one of the trusted sources to buy Accutane. It is available there in a packing of 100 tablets with each tablet containing 20 mg of the active substance in it.


This steroid is a derivative of Vitamin A and provides you with all the benefits of this vitamin. Some of them are given below.

•           It is very beneficial in treating cancers of all types. The reason behind that is the presence of retinoic acid in the form of Isotretinoin. This acid has the capability of neutralizing the rapidly dividing cancer cells at a quicker pace.

•           Many bodybuilders and athletes use this steroid as it’s very beneficial for them. Taking it before a workout will decrease fatigue by neutralizing it and eventually increasing productivity. It also supports the bodybuilders in their workout by providing them energy.

•           It increases the testosterone level in the body and this helps to develop bigger muscles in quick succession. Moreover, treatment of severe acne also involves this steroid as it acts as an androgenic receptor.


The dosage varies greatly depending upon the purpose of its use. In order to treat some diseases, its amount depends upon the severity of your disease and should only be taken by your doctor's prescription. However, if you are aiming to achieve some bodybuilding goals, then you can take it in a small amount on a daily basis. Taking 10 to 20 mg per day is enough for that purpose. Make sure you are taking it with some liquid such as milk or in case of unavailability you can take it with simple water as well. High doses might result in nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and back pain.


Package 100 tabs (20 mg/tab)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Isotretinion

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