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Turanabol is an anabolic steroid that is used to build muscle mass and strength. Turanabol can also help you build muscle mass.

Faced with the intense competitiveness that characterized the Olympic Games and national sporting events, East German experts set out to create efficient steroids that would allow them to avoid the anti-doping rules that were in place at the time. They moved to Oral-Turinabol, a methylated form of 4-chlorotestosterone.

Oral-Turanabol is frequently defined as a substance that falls somewhere between Dianabol and Anavar in terms of anabolic effects and side effects.

Turanabol has anabolic effects similar to, if not slightly better than, testosterone, with little or no androgenic activity.

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·       Turanabol is one of the most effective oral anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass. It results in a substantial increase in muscle mass.

·       It leads to a significant improvement in strength.

·       It does not induce as much water retention as Dianabol.

·       It improves body definition and endurance.

·       It enables individuals to keep their muscle mass when they are on a calorie-restricted phase of their cycle.

·       Turanabol can help you stay in the sub10 percent body fat zone by preventing protein breakdown in your body.

·       Increased power signs without water retention in the muscles.

·       Erythrocytic blood mass increases.


The recommended dosage of Turanabol is 20-60mg per day. It is commonly used by athletes who need to keep within a specified weight category in lesser doses (20 mg daily). The weight will stay the same at this dosage, but the power and endurance will improve.

Many athletes believe that if the Turanabol Dosage solo course was low, they would perform better. The course will last no more than eight weeks. Anti-estrogens are unnecessary in post-cycle therapy (PCT), as there is adequate Tribulus, zinc, and omega-3 in the diet. However, if your dose is greater than 50 mg per day or the term is longer than 8 weeks, the PBC should be included as an anti-estrogen.

Package 100 Tabs (20 mg/tab)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

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