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GW501516 is also known by the name Cardarine in the bodybuilding world. It can treat various cardiovascular disorders and improve overall health. However, due to legal restrictions, it hasn’t been introduced for medical use. Many bodybuilders, fitness trainers, and athletes rely on this highly potent supplement to get rid of extra fat accumulated in their bodies. As a result, they can maintain a lean physique without any difficulty.

You can purchase this highly potent supplement from SteroidsFax, a well-reputed online store delivering 100% original products. You can purchase it from this store at pretty affordable rates. The price for a pack of 100 tablets is around $95. Each tablet in this pack contains 20 mg of the active component.


The following are some primary benefits you will get after completing the 1st cycle of this highly potent supplement.

  • The first benefit you will get is quick fat loss. Therefore, many athletes and bodybuilders rely on it for cutting. It enhances fat metabolism and increases aerobic activity to boost the fat burning process. When taking Cardarine, you will be able to do cardio more efficiently and can manage a low-calorie diet as well.

  • The next benefit you will get is improved athletic performance. When your body fat percentage reduces, you will be able to perform better on the field. Therefore, many athletes use it despite all the restrictions.

  • Reducing body fat percentage will put all your muscles on display, helping you maintain a lean yet muscular physique.


 The average duration of the GW501516 cycle is 6 weeks. However, you can opt for longer cycles as well with regular breaks after 4 to 6 weeks. 10 to 25 mg per day will be enough to get the desired benefits. Abusing this potent supplement can be harmful to your overall health. Therefore, you should stick with its cycle to avoid the risk of side effects.

Package 100 tabs (20mg/tab)
Manufacturer Dragon Pharma
Substance Cardarine

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